Sports Betting Fraud: The 6 Most Common User Divorce Schemes

Any financial sphere attracts scammers. They are often the reason that users do not believe in working schemes for earning money on the Internet. Sports betting fraud has a lot of user divorce schemes. In fact, sports betting can bring stable profits to betters. To do this, it is important to choose the right bookmaker, bet on those events in which there is certain knowledge, to know and understand the divorce schemes of inexperienced and gullible users. The latter will be discussed in this article.

Какие схемы развода со ставками на спорт

Scheme No. 1. Sale of match-fixing

Making a bet knowing the outcome of the match is a win-win option, but who can know this in advance? This betting divorce scheme has been working for decades. The essence boils down to the fact that the player receives information about the results of a contractual competition and makes a bet based on the information received.

In reality, such matches exist, but a limited number of people have access to information about them. As a rule, these are the organizers of such matches, the customer, that is, an interested person who intends to break a big jackpot, and, of course, athletes.

Схема №1. Продажа договорных матчей

The customer always wins, but those who are led by numerous promises to disclose the result of match-fixing, for the most part lose money. The problem is that scammers offering to sell information for a certain amount have no idea who will win. Nevertheless, the advertisement is very convincing: there are screenshots confirming the alleged bet, and a bunch of subscribers, and entirely positive reviews.

It is quite possible that the information given by the fraudster will be confirmed more than once, and in this case the client firmly sits on the hook of the informant. In fact, you are incredibly lucky, because think for yourself, will a real informant earn a penny in a social network with truly truthful information?

Scheme No. 2. Sale of forecasts

Some scammers try to sell forecasts that are essentially no more reliable than, for example, an astrological forecast or a weather forecast. The latter, by the way, would be scientifically justified, but sports forecasts from an unknown person are unlikely to be justified. The mechanism is the same: you pay money, you get a forecast. At the same time, scammers use two techniques. The first involves making an advance payment, the second payment after passing the bid. In both cases, the forecast will be at random, because the so-called capper is not a professional analyst.

Схема № 2. Продажа прогнозов

You can distinguish between fraudulent sites and ads offering forecasts by disabled comments, as well as cheating clicks, reposts and subscribers. If you look for real reviews, most likely, most of the responses will be negative. And remember! Even if the forecast came true, most likely, you were just lucky.

Scheme No. 3. Special betting programs in sports

There are many programs on the web that, according to the presentation, are able to calculate a win-win option. Such programs are not cheap and do not cause much harm in fact, but they are also of little use. It’s as if you were offered an algorithm with which you can beat the casino. Sports betting programs are actively promoted either by scammers, or by those who have already bought such a program, have become disappointed and want to recapture at least part of the funds spent. In a word, if you have nowhere to put your money, you can buy yourself such a bot, but no one is responsible for the result.

Scheme No. 4. Promotion of the account in the bookmaker cantor

An unusual method of fraud based on the principle of trust, the essence of which boils down to the following: a “professional” capper offers you to promote an account in a bookmaker’s office, and you give him access to the account and the money on it. By agreement, the promotion process can last for a certain time or until a certain amount is set, after which the account holder must necessarily share the winnings. The amount of commissions, as a rule, is 50% of the net profit.

Схема № 4. Раскрутка счёта в букмекерской канторе

Guarantees, of course, zero. In addition, one such fraudster can simultaneously promote several accounts. And even if one gullible player is lucky, the rest will certainly be at a loss. It is impossible to return the money or complain in such situations.

Often such people are former players who managed to lose their blood money and are now looking for someone who would sponsor them. Experienced betters categorically do not recommend opening access to the account to an outsider.

Scheme No. 5. “Win-win” strategies in live and pre-match

Nothing new. You are offered a super scheme, using which you can win from a bookmaker. However, sports betting is not an investment. Here you will not earn with the help of strategy, and if you do, it will be thanks to luck or painstaking analysis.

Moreover, the training of the notorious “forks” and “corridors” is a waste of money. Firstly, betting technologies are actively developing, so now it is becoming more and more difficult to make money on such strategies. Secondly, the basics of such earnings can be found for free. It turns out that in order to learn the proposed strategies, you only need to have a healthy curiosity. And at the same time, you can save on so-called training.

Scheme No. 6. Folding for the purchase of forecasts

In this case, everything is the same as buying forecasts with the difference that several players buy the forecast. There must be an initiator who, due to the high cost of the forecast, offers like-minded people to chip in for the purchase. The latter, if you believe the fraudster, guarantees a one hundred percent result, and the forecast itself is given by a super professional in this field.

As a result, the hapless participants of the folding remain without money, and without a forecast, or receive an unsubstantiated tip from the initiator.

Expert recommendations

Рекомендации экспертов

In conclusion, a few theses from professional betters for those who still want to make money on bets with someone else’s help:

  1. There can be no reliable information about match-fixing on the Internet.
  2. If you have already been deceived, it’s too late to complain. Most likely, the bookmaker will simply ban you for using fraudulent schemes to make a profit.
  3. A real professional will not advertise on social networks, he will have become a millionaire for a long time and is unlikely to share his secrets.
  4. A large number of subscribers, positive reviews and reposts does not mean a guaranteed result. Before agreeing to something, look for real information about the source.
  5. If you want to learn something, learn on your own.

Sports betting fraud involves various frauds and divorce schemes. Experts do not recommend paying money to get privileges in this niche. You should rely only on your own strength.

And it is important to remember that this method carries high risks of losing funds. Therefore, it is worth using only free money for betting, without resorting to debt.

Published: 11 May, 2022

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