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HYIP (hyip) projects — in simple words, these are high-yield investment projects that pay profit to investors due to the contribution of money from new participants. In this section, high-quality monitoring of HYIP projects with detailed reviews of the technical part, tariffs, entry features, current status, regularity of profit payments. Here you can not only get acquainted with information about HYIP projects, but also share your reviews. We do not recommend using credit and borrowed funds, as well as savings, for working with high-yield programs, the loss of which will significantly reduce the level of the investor’s financial situation.

Pay MMGP 1 SuperKopilka: Low income

SuperKopilka: Low income
Start: 18.01.2019
Works: 972 days
Tariffs: Profitability depends on the created goals
Deposit bonus: 10%
Min/Max deposit: 10$ / Not limited

Pay MMGP 1 Solid Trade Bank: Low income

Solid Trade Bank: Low income
Start: 07.10.2013
Works: 2901 days
Tariffs: from 0.2% per day
Deposit bonus: 0.5%
Min/Max deposit: 25$

Pay MMGP 0 Dollarbill.biz: Low income

Dollarbill.biz: Low income
Start: 27.09.2015
Works: 2181 days
Tariffs: 2.1% per week
Deposit bonus: 0.50%
Min/Max deposit: from 30$

Pay MMGP 0 Citybuildtrade.com: Low income

Citybuildtrade.com: Low income
Start: 02.04.2020
Works: 532 days
Tariffs: 2% a week
Deposit bonus: 0.50%
Min/Max deposit: from 1$

Pay MMGP 0 Funds Broker: Low income

Funds Broker: Low income
Start: 14.10.2015
Works: 2164 days
Tariffs: from 0.2% per day
Deposit bonus: 0.5%
Min/Max deposit: 25$

Signs of the best hyip projects

Investing in Internet projects is a very common modern way of earning money. But it comes with some risks. If you just want to start investing in such projects, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with all the details of investing in HYIPs, collect reliable important information, and study the offer market. Every HYPE needs its own reliable investors in Internet projects. When choosing a suitable way of earning money for you, weigh all the pros and cons, study all possible risks, consult specialists, contact the founders, get recommendations from the project participants.

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