Diversification, or how to invest money wisely?

Recently, HYIPs have become increasingly popular among users who earn money by investing their savings. Despite this, not all investors achieve a successful result. There is a chance to get a good profit by investing in such a profitable program, but this is a high-risk type of investment. In order to minimize risks, an investor must competently approach the choice of projects, strictly follow the rules of investment, master the strategies for investing their savings. One of the ways that will help increase the chances of making a profit is diversification.

What is diversification?

This is splitting the depositor’s assets into parts, and investing them in different HYIP projects. By dividing the total investment portfolio, the investor has a chance to make a profit on at least several of them. This increases the chance of making a total profit. Since the probability of closing all reliable HYIPs is quite small.

How many HYIPs should be considered when diversifying?

Considering that it is worth investing only in stable, high-yield programs, which are positively reviewed by other users, then about 6-10 projects are suitable for diversification. With such an amount, the risk of the depositor losing all his investments is significantly reduced. In this case, investing in unreliable projects to increase their number is unreasonable and pointless.

Young or long-term projects?

The most successful for the depositor will be the diversification of their savings between recently launched and long-term programs. Of course, it is much more pleasant to work with stable projects, but one way or another any HYIP completes its work. Young projects with impressive potential also deserve the attention of the investor.

The most optimal deposit amount

When profitable investment programs are selected, a logical question arises — how much to open a deposit for. The size of the contribution to HYIPs that are trustworthy may be larger, but the difference between the young should not be large. For example, you should not invest 50% of the investment portfolio in a proven project, and scatter the rest of the remaining programs. The best option is considered to be a discrepancy in the size of the contribution by no more than 30% between fresh and already stable projects that have been working for a long time. Therefore, if a contributor has invested $ 150 in proven projects, $ 100 should be invested in new programs.

Of course, such an approach is not a completely winning option, but it is the most optimal way of investing. Experienced investors who conduct a thorough analysis of high-yield projects, who are able to assess the level of risk, may conduct a different distribution of funds.

Published: 6 October, 2021

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