Dear advertisers! We aim to mutually beneficial cooperation. Advertising is the engine of not only progress, but also of our resource. Cooperation with advertisers helps the portal to develop. The main question is what do you get?

The flow of visitors and potential investors. You get targeted traffic for a moderate cost. Our users, interested in earnings on the Internet will pay attention to the advertising material and will go to your site.

The audience of the portal is expanding. A variety of useful content, referral returns in full and constant updating of information daily attract new users not only on the site, but also in groups in social networks.

We prefer bona fide advertisers and their paying projects. Fulfillment of duties on our (advertising) and your (payment to participants) parties brings mutual benefit. And you perfectly understand this.

Advertising opportunities for your resource

We are pleased to welcome the administration of investment projects, economic online games, Forex brokers, bitcoin earning sites, earning resources without investments and many others. Our services:

  • Project monitoring;
  • Preparation of full reviews;
  • Writing and posting of thematic articles;
  • Banner advertising;
  • Plenty of additional services;

Your site is advertised in a colorful, user-friendly style. They receive exceptionally truthful information and go to the project page, knowing about its essence. Such visitors are ready for active actions and investment.

The cost of advertising and description are presented in the price list. The portal develops at the expense of cooperation with advertisers therefore, we offer affordable prices.

Help for administrators on all issues

Project administrators turn to us with personal requests. They ask for help in solving their problems. Some of them need specialists in different areas, others ask to advise employees for the project technical support, the third needs analysis of advertising platforms. Our administration along with the portal creator personally provide support on all issues. Each of those who addressed us received a decision for his or her tasks. Cooperation with us is not just an advantageous placement of advertising, but also an acquaintance with your personal assistants.

Specialists and discounts for you

Over the years, we have accumulated: experience, useful materials, connections with specialists from different fields. The latter is especially interesting for advertisers. Briefly about our connections:

  • Web Studio. A team of geniuses who create turn-key projects. If your idea is under development, experts will translate it into a virtual life. Web Studio. The team of geniuses who create turn-key projects. If your idea is under development, experts will implement it into a virtual life. Our specialists are ready to create, do HTML/CSS-coding, check and launch the site for you. The studio consists of experienced managers, programmers, layout specialists, marketers, designers and many others. The task is performed by them “from and to”.
  • Web designers. You already have a website and you want to decorate. Internet world has its own artists and it’s web designers. They are responsible for the bright and attractive design of resources. Our professionals will paint your site as a painting on canvas.
  • Video presentation, promo. We’ve built up strong relationships with the miracle studio. Guys are engaged in creating promotional videos. The studio is always willing to film a video with a unique script that is suitable for the format of your project. Video will be decorated with a beautiful screen saver, modern graphics and attractive installation inserts. If necessary, the information will be sounded by professional announcers and actors. If necessary, the information will be audio dubbed by professional announcers and actors. And it’s also possible to create from the set of materials a whole movie for “Oscar” (or for your promotion).
  • Reviews. The specialists of the studio will tell and clearly show everything that you need to know about your project. The users who came from us will not leave your site without registration.
  • Copywriters. Copywriting is the art of creating texts. Do you need a bright description of the project? Colorful text for site sections? Attractive articles about your opportunities? We have these people who will do it for you. One of the copywriters is writing this text right now.
  • Translators. Professionals in translating Russian-language texts into English and vice versa. Also, you can contact us regarding video translations.

We give you the data on professionals. You address them and indicate that you came on our recommendation. Your benefit is additional discount when ordering services. In our case we receive certain bonuses for new customers. And the best part is that bonuses go back to advertisers! The only thing you need to do is just ask for them. You save on the professional services and invest in your promotion on our portal.

All information about advertising, placement and cooperation with these professionals is presented in our price list. We are always looking forward to new advertisers.

The only requirement is good faith. This is a small cost of the benefits that will open you. We are looking forward to your suggestions!

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