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    What is refback?

    Refback “Ref-back, RFB” is a bonus refund of higher-level partner, whose reference you used during the registration, made a deposit or exhibited activity for which he or she received a reward.

    Concrete example: You found an interesting resource on our portal. Pass the registration procedure, got into our structure and invested in the project $1000. The site offers a partner reward of 10%. Bonus of $100 is accrued to the higher-level partner. You order and receive this reward in full.

    It is important to know

    • Before registering through our resource it’s recommended to clear “Cookies and cache of your browser” so that it does not turn out that you register in some other system.
    • If you request a refback, from the section different from “Income without investments” you need to apply for it not later than 24 hours since deposit was done.
    • If you request a refback from the “Income without investments” section, our income for your actions should be at least $ 1.

    We pay bonuses

    Dear partners and users who visit our resource! We appreciate your attention and ready to pay for it! If you request a refback, and at the same time leave your feedback on the “mmgp forum and in our group in VK” we are ready to pay you a bonus of 0.5 $ for one feedback.


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    Investors-planet is a unique portal that will tell you about earnings on the Internet. Here are presented articles, reviews, videos, ratings, news and other thematic materials. We provide information on projects in the Forex market, HYIP, economic online games, bitcoin earning and ways to obtain profit without investments and other directions. You will find information on the type of earnings you are interested in. Materials are regularly updated and supplemented. The portal provides a unique opportunity to order referral awards received by us for your investments or active activities. You have the opportunity to order referral bonuses in full without any restrictions. All information on the site is for informational purposes only! You must remember that investing on the Internet involves risks. Be extremely careful and make your decisions consciously. Do not invest your last or borrowed funds!

    iInternet earning monitor «Refback service»

    Investors planet: is a unique, developing portal that introduces you to Internet earning and gives you the opportunity to request a referral refund in full.

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    All information on the site is for informational purposes only! Remember that investing in the Internet involves risks!