Axie Infinity Blockchain Game: How to play and earn?

Cryptocurrency, as a separate segment of the market, is actively developing and opens up new opportunities for earnings. You can not only mine or buy it, but also earn money in games. A striking example is the Taxi Infinity game with modern graphics and exciting gameplay.


What is Axis Infinity and what is its uniqueness

Axi Infinity is the most popular game on the cryptocurrency market. The income of its creators is more than the developers of popular types of cryptocurrencies.

The game appeared in 2018 . This is a development of the Vietnamese game studio Sky Mavis. The creators of the project attracted investments in the amount of $ 13 million. The project was supported by such large companies as Samsung and the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. After the launch of the game, AXS tokens were issued. The game was successful and brought the creators a profit of almost $ 3 million.

Currently, there are almost no analogues. There are some common features with the “Crypto Kittens” project, which was very popular in 2018.

Aaxi Infiniti: where to download to PC and smartphone

You can download Axie Infinity on the official website of the game There are versions for Windows PCs and macbooks. There is a “Play now” / “Play now” button on the site, after clicking on which the automatic download begins.

blockchain игра Axie Infinity

There are also iOS and Android versions of the app.

To start the game, you need to buy three Taxis. They are sold in the game’s marketplace.

After that, you can start playing. For winning the game, SLP tokens are awarded, which can be exchanged on cryptocurrency exchanges for cryptomonets or fiat currency. You can also invest in the game by buying new Axioms.

To register an account, you need to enter an email address and come up with a password. One of the cryptocurrency wallets must be linked to the account. After the registration is completed, you can buy Axi.

How to Buy Axie

To buy a Taxi, you need to have a cryptocurrency browser wallet with Ethereum support: Metamask, Ronin Wallet. Game tokens are traded on popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Some players give extra Axi for free for a percentage of the players’ profits.

Axie Infinity: How to play

The game of Axie Infinity takes place on the Ethereum blockchain. Axie are virtual animals, each of which is a non–interchangeable token. This is the name of tokens that confirm the right of their owner to a digital object, for example, a painting, an audio recording or a game character.

Each individual Taxi is unique and has characteristics different from other virtual creatures. All the characteristics can be found in the Axi card.

By nature, Taxi drivers are warriors and like to fight with their own kind.

Axie can be grown, sold or bought, create teams and arrange fights with other teams. You can receive tokens for these actions. There is an opportunity to earn on tokens by selling them on cryptocurrency exchanges or by staking. Tokens can also be invested in voting on the development of the game.

By crossing Axi, you can get unique creatures and earn money by selling them profitably.

It is recommended to run the game on a computer with a VPN, since access to the game in Russia may be blocked.

SLP and AXS tokens and digital real estate

During the game, you can receive AXIS (Axie Infinity Shards) and SLP (Small Love Potion) tokens for winning.

SLPs are called service tokens. They are used to pay for various activities in the game, including the purchase of Axi.

AXS are called management tokens. They can be used to vote on issues related to platform management, staking, buying Axi, various items for the game and other digital real estate, for example, virtual plots of land. All the plots put up for sale were quickly sold out. Now they can only be bought on the secondary market.

If there are not enough tokens to buy Axi, you can buy a certain number of coins and keep them in staking in order to increase the required amount.

How and how much you can earn on Axie Infinity

The following main ways of earning money in the game can be distinguished:

  • tokens for winning battles between taxi teams;
  • crossing axis and selling offspring;
  • place bets on other teams’ wins;
  • on operations with land plots.

Plots can be rented or sold. It is possible to install billboards on them and receive advertising revenue.

Experienced players can earn up to 1-1.5 thousand dollars a month. The game is especially popular in the Philippines, where many residents lost their jobs during the lockdown during the pandemic.

Users who invest in game tokens receive a good income.

The prospects Axie Infinity

The Axi Infinity game is one of the available ways to invest in NFT assets. Her migration to the side branch of the Ronin Ethereum project was successful. After that, the SLP token increased in price by almost 11 times. The number of players from the countries of the South-East grew especially rapidly. Such popularity has led to a further increase in the value of tokens.

Now the total number of players has exceeded 350 thousand, and it is assumed that if the trend continues, it will quickly reach one million. But investors should take into account the high risks accompanying the cryptocurrency market.

Published: 13 September, 2021

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