How long does a HYIP project live and which one to choose?

The duration of the investment project on the Internet provides a longer attractiveness for investors. This characteristic, which is the most discussed among the participants of the HYIP industry.

Why are HYIP projects being closed?

The closure of the investment project is due to the specifics of the accrual of funds, which occurs due to the influx of new ones. The influx of new depositors will eventually expire. This means that the cash register of the project is empty. The project lives the longer, the lower the percentage of payments promised to depositors on the basis of the investment agreement. The higher the percentage of payments, the faster the cash register will be completely spent and the project will have nothing to live with. Accordingly, fast projects use a short life span for quick earnings. They are not suitable for long-term investment. After the first jump, it is recommended to transfer the investment to another project. In addition, it is not recommended to invest a significant amount of money in high-yield projects.

Investment attractiveness depending on the duration of projects?

The life span of the project is of interest to many investors. A short-term project for several weeks is not attractive even with ultra-high profits. But, projects designed for several years with a minimum percentage of profit, for several years, are not interesting to investors.

As always, the golden mean is considered ideal. At the same time, the project is calculated for six to twelve months. In fact, the projects themselves are designed for the interaction of the parties in which:

  1. Investors choose the most optimal conditions for themselves in terms of the size of the deposit, its timing and the degree of riskiness of the work.
  2. Developers should prepare the most interesting working conditions under which investors will be very happy to financially cooperate with the HYIP project.

Short-term high-yield HYIP projects

For short-term projects, investors are offered a project with a life span of seven days to a month. At the same time, the amount of payments on the deposit will be from 60 to 120 percent, depending on the duration. The shorter the term, the higher the percentage of payments. Such projects are most popular among novice investors.

Reasons for such popularity:

  1. In the shortest possible time, you can double your own contribution.
  2. Withdraw the main deposit, and use the interest to invest in the next project, which is less dependent on riskiness.

This approach has significant disadvantages:

  1. The cash register of such a project dries up often in a short time and suddenly.
  2. The risk of losing investments increases every hour since the launch of the project. Only the first investors receive a full profit.
  3. Projects of this nature require minimal training on the part of developers. This is the most popular segment among scammers.
  4. Due to its popularity, there are many offers for investors. These participants are simply not enough to ensure the life of the project.

The selection of a short-term HYPE should be treated as carefully as possible. The selection should be done carefully, but at the same time quickly.

Average projects in terms of duration and profitability

These projects have a fairly stable state. Exactly that golden mean. The percentage of payments on the deposit is in the range from 15 to 60 percent for the reporting period.

The risk of loss is reduced by reducing the amount of fraudulent interest in medium-term projects. They are mainly attended by more experienced investors who distinguish frank slag even under a wrapper with a beautiful design.

In addition, the duration of the project is associated with the fact that not only investments provide vital activity, but also third-party income from additional business.

Long-term projects

The percentage of payments for long-term projects ranges from two to fifteen percent for the reporting period. The chance that the project will close before the deposit is repulsed is quite high. Therefore, it is important to calculate the term of the currency investment and its size. It is worth noting that among such projects it is difficult to find fraudulent ones. There are HYIPs that have been working for almost five years.


The life span of the project depends on the goal of the organizers. How clearly they prepare the working conditions and for what audience they are designed.

Published: 6 October, 2021

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