What does “HYIP” mean?

High-yield online investment projects (translated from the English High Yield Investment Program) have the abbreviated name “HYIPs”. They allow registered participants to receive high income from open deposits. Monthly profit can leave from 7 to 70%, in the case of tariffs with daily income – about 3%. Passive earnings depend on the selected tariff. Each project has its own set of investment plans with different conditions and a profit accrual program.

Anyone can become a member of the HYIP project. To do this, you need to get access to your personal account by completing a simple registration on the selected online investment resource. Open an account in one of the electronic systems. It is best to choose a popular payment system that most projects work with, for example, Perfect Money. As for the amount of the initial deposit, but it depends on the chosen investment plan. The minimum contribution on most projects is $ 1, the maximum is set by the terms of the program. Many depositors receive their first profit in the project already the next day after the deposit is opened, unless otherwise provided by the terms of the investment program.

Where do the funds for payments to participants come from in HYIP projects?

The main principle of operation of many investment projects is the Ponzi method. It is based on the payment of interest on deposits of previous depositors from funds invested by newly attracted investors. But this is not the only source of funds for the HYIP project. Administrators of some HYIPs create teams of highly qualified specialists who can guarantee partners a stable profit by investing in profitable programs:

  • Sweepstakes and sports betting;
  • Currency trading on the Forex market;
  • Participation in stock exchanges;
  • Investing in other investment programs.

Is it possible to earn money by investing in a HYIP project?

This question is asked by many users who want to earn money on the Internet by investing their own funds. After all, this is a convenient way to increase your savings. Of course, if we talk about general statistics, but it is not so comforting. Most of these projects exist at the expense of attracted investors. As soon as the flow of new investments decreases, the HYIP project ends its existence. And those participants who did not have time to withdraw their deposits suffer losses. But it is worth noting that this principle of operation does not mean a complete lack of opportunity to make money on HYIPs. Such projects can exist for quite a long period of time, during which investors can increase their finances quite well. The main thing is to correctly approach the choice of an investment program and not to open a deposit on the first resource that comes along.

Before investing their funds, the future investor should get a general picture of the HYIP, for this it is worth getting acquainted with the ratings of such projects, read reviews about it from other participants who have already invested in it by visiting specialized forums. The MMGP investment forum is considered informative in this regard, where a large number of experienced investors discuss various programs that are designed to invest funds for profit.

How are interest accrued on deposits?

The profit on deposits, depending on the conditions of the investment program, can be accrued in two ways:

  1. Daily. In this case, the interest set by the selected tariff plan will be credited to the participant’s account every day, which will be available for withdrawal. The deposit itself can be withdrawn at the end of the deadline;
  2. At the end of the term. In this case, the body of the deposit and the profit on it are credited to the account with the possibility of withdrawal after the expiration of the selected tariffBefore opening a deposit, you must carefully read the terms of the selected tariff plan.

For how long does the deposit open?

Each project is different. It is important to understand that most often the terms of the tariff specify the period in working days, therefore, it is necessary to add weekends and holidays to the total retention time, of course, if there is no corresponding explanation in the description.

How can I calculate the approximate income?

For example, if we consider an offer to open a 30-day deposit, it should be borne in mind that there will be about 22 working days. It is these days that need to be multiplied by the proposed percentage of the deposit. The deposit itself is refunded in full.

Additional investment or reinvestment

To minimize the risk of losing savings, experienced investors prefer to invest small amounts in HYIP projects, or to invest in parts in the same program. In this case, the deposit body grows, and the risk of losing the entire amount without making a profit is minimized.

It is best to resort to reinvestment when investments began to bring the first profit. This will allow the depositor to receive several small income payments on different accounts, which in total will already make a good share of profit.

Is it worth investing in HYIP projects at all?

Anyone who decides to invest their own or, moreover, borrowed funds in HYIP projects should clearly understand that this type of activity is associated with a high risk of losing the entire amount transferred to the deposit. But in turn, such high-yield programs outperform investment funds by the size of the interest rate. Therefore, with a successful outcome, you can make good money by investing even a small amount.

Those investors who decide to invest in HYIPs, first of all, should:

  • To study large financial portals where similar projects are discussed;
  • Use the help of specialized software;
  • Adhere to the basic investment strategies and rules;
  • Do not invest all your savings in the hope of hitting a big jackpot.

It is best to start with a small amount of deposit, and, making a profit, gradually increase it.

What is required of an investor?

All HYIP projects provide for the following actions of the investor:

  • Registration and opening of a deposit;
    Visiting your account and withdrawing the received profit or the entire deposit;
    Withdrawal of funds to your account in the payment system;
    Analysis of up-to-date information on the HYIP market, and making decisions about investing or withdrawing funds from programs.

Published: 6 October, 2021

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