Analysis of a HYIP project

It is extremely unpleasant to invest personal funds in a project and lose them. In most cases, after such a twist, investors curtail the work of sponsoring projects, making sure that such monetary projects are created to pump out financial flows from good people. That working on HYIP projects is pure fraud. However, those who did not stop after the first unsuccessful experience and continued to invest on the Internet have developed verification methods that minimize the risks when choosing. They will be discussed below.

Determine whether the project is ratchet or not

There is a risk of burning out with any kind of investment. But in HYIP projects, the boundaries of work are quite clearly defined. There are rules that are not violated by industry participants.

Distinctive sides of the HYPE:

  1. Investment plans are presented on the project’s website.
  2. Many HYIPs support partnership programs (for referents).
  3. The sites of HYIP projects openly talk about the presence of risks when participating in investing. If there is a message about the absence of such a risk – a fraudster is in front of users. There is not a single structure attracting private investment funds that would protect the income of depositors. This is the norm of the economic environment of the modern world.
  4. The average cost of guaranteed income starts from five percent per month of the availability of invested funds in the company’s turnover.

You need to view the status of the project in blogs and investor forums

There is a need to be constantly in touch with the general public of investors. They post up–to-date information on the legitimacy of the existence of certain projects on specialized Internet resources. Information is also indicated on how well the project fulfills its financial obligations to the depositor. Such monitoring is mandatory before investing.

There are also a sufficient number of bloggers who are engaged in the analysis of HYIP projects. The status of the project can be clarified from their video and text reviews.

There are many investor forums on the Internet. For example, MMJIPI. (MMGP/RU/COM). This is one of the largest. In the search query, you can enter the name of the project and click search. Also, information about the solvency of the project can be found from an online consultant or in the chat channel of the project in the Telegram system. A bad sign if there is a link to the chat, and the chat itself was deleted by the user.

Important! On our portal, you will also be able to track information about current HYIP projects.

It is required to determine how much the project has been worked out. Can it be attributed to slag?

The following features should be mandatory for security. The domain zone of the Runet is “.ru” or “.rf”. With the value of “com”, other designations of the domain zone, it is better to abandon such an investment.

The site requires an SSL certificate. This protocol ensures the proper level of security of communication channels. If there is no such protocol, it is worth giving up investing. To understand the presence or absence of it is quite simple. To do this, you need to look in the address bar of the site. The beginning of the address should include the abbreviation https, not http. In rare cases, a redirect is not configured, which leads to the value of the http address if there is a valid and installed certificate. To make sure of this, you need to enter the “s” character after http yourself. If the site does not disappear and does not fail– everything is fine. Otherwise, you need to close it and look for a better site.

The next sign of a bad site is the presence of grammatical errors when composing content. This indicates an unwillingness to work out the project qualitatively. The creators are not responsible for their own project, which leads to the presence of errors. It is important for users to carefully study the information provided on the site.

Determine the stage at which the project is located

In total, it is customary to distinguish three stages of the development of HYIP projects:

  1. Start of the project.
  2. The period of active development.
  3. Scam or the final stage.

The development period ends with a stage of decline, which foreshadows the scam of the project. Projects at the peak of active growth are considered the most attractive. Unless the project develops according to the principles of “partisan”. This is a specific method of development, in which a faded project is initially made on a cheap engine without good design and high-quality content.

In this form, the project has been in existence for several months. After which it is transformed. It is impossible to accurately identify a partisan. But if you are lucky, then a long and consistently high income will be provided.

The next task is to determine the growth potential of the project

The growth potential is a very important indicator, since it determines the economic feasibility of investing.

It can be determined by the following indicators:

  1. Traffic to the site or the site where the project is hosted. If the attendance is below 30 thousand people per month, the potential is low.
  2. See how many languages of the world the content of the resource has been translated into.
  3. Whether the company conducts webers and other public events.
  4. Whether new offices and representative offices are being opened.

That is, the openness of the project and the prospects for further development are evaluated. If active external work is carried out, the chances of long-term and popularity of the project increase dramatically.

Published: 6 October, 2021

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