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Online investments allow you to receive a high and completely passive income. At the same time, this segment of the market is quite unstable, and therefore it is impossible to open a deposit after a superficial study of the project and act "for luck".

The choice of an investment instrument is more than just intuition. We offer high-quality and detailed monitoring of investment projects, which are available online: real trust management, IPO, PAMM accounts, HYIP projects, platforms working with cryptocurrencies.

The decision to add a site to the monitoring depends not only on the conditions of the deposit, design and technical part. Particular attention is paid to project management, their experience and fame in the investment field.

It is important to understand that it is very difficult to predict the development of selected projects, but as practice shows, a thorough analysis allows you to reduce risks and choose really working tools with real plans and long-term development prospects for passive profit.

Investing on the Internet brings good returns. To successfully manage your personal investment portfolio, you need to be in a constant flow of information, so we recommend that you periodically visit the section of the portal with information projects, check the status of their work and diversify your portfolio with fresh promising investment instruments.

All information on the site is for informational purposes only! Remember that investing in the Internet comes with risks!

Pay MMGP 41 Asignat Fund: Investment hyip fund with yields from 13 to 28% per month!

Asignat Fund: Investment hyip fund with yields from 13 to 28% per month!
Start: 29.06.2019
Works: 1727 days
Tariffs: from 0.55-0.65% / 0.7-1.1% / 1.1-1.5% per day / 30-60-90 deposit period
Deposit bonus: 5%
Min/Max deposit: 50$/10000$

Pay MMGP 0 Interactive Brokers: 45 years in the investment market!

Interactive Brokers: 45 years in the investment market!
Start: 19.05.2023
Works: 307 days
Tariffs: from 15% per annum
Deposit bonus: 0
Min/Max deposit: 2000$

Pay 1 Broker Freedom Finance: company services, tariffs and customer reviews

Broker Freedom Finance: company services, tariffs and customer reviews
Start: 06.05.2015
Works: 3242 days
Tariffs: from 20% per annum
Deposit bonus: 3%
Min/Max deposit: 1000$

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Information about the portal

Monitoring site Investors Planet is an independent resource that publishes up-to-date information on how to make money, considers all existing ways of earning on the Internet and offline (without investments and with investments), how and where to invest free funds. In addition to theory, which is indispensable in the field of earnings and investments, on the pages of the portal you will learn about the practical nuances of creating sources of passive income, the most promising financial projects and profitable strategies.

All information on the portal is provided free of charge. Additionally, all users can receive bonuses to their investments in the form of 100% refback. To receive a referral return in full, you need to register using our link, take active steps and order a refback.

Every day we publish review articles, ratings, instructions, news and interesting facts from the world of finance, cryptocurrency and business. In our publications, we try to keep track of the latest trends and ways that can bring maximum financial benefits to investors.

For the convenience of users, the portal has three large thematic sections: Expand


Reviews and tests of HYIP projects are published here, which help investors with the choice of high-quality programs, their statuses are monitored: whether they pay or not. Review articles of real management companies, PAMM accounts, brokers are also posted here. Materials on the prospects of a variety of assets with the conclusions of analytical experts, which allow you not to waste time and money.


Information about crypto-exchanges and cryptocurrency exchangers, old and new crypto-currencies, the dynamics of their course, technical characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Reviews of trading signal services, crypto wallets, blockchain technology, ICO. Also in this section, you can evaluate the prospects of mining and staking specific cryptocurrencies, understand how crypto-currency ecosystems work and get recommendations on choosing the right equipment for mining e-currency.


For successful activity in the Forex market, it is necessary to constantly be aware of a large amount of statistical and analytical information. By studying the material in this section, you will simplify the work of finding up-to-date data, you will be able to trade with reliable brokers, you will learn about working strategies, indicators, and scripts. We constantly monitor the news of the Forex market, brokerage companies, leading traders and share them with our readers.


  • In addition to the main ones, the site contains an additional information section with educational and useful information for users with different levels of investment knowledge and experience. A reference section for beginners with many useful articles and instructions, which explains in simple terms difficult to understand concepts of the financial and investment markets, reveals the basics of creating and managing capital, describes the "pitfalls" that capital holders may encounter in the process of building passive income.
  • For more experienced users, reviews of trading strategies and software, sports betting, blacklisting of scammers on the Internet will be useful.
  • Our team is preparing material not just for show, but for the real benefit of readers who are looking for an opportunity to make money on the Internet, invest free funds, create multiple sources of passive income and achieve financial independence.
  • All materials, including text, media content and links, are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute investment advice. We are not responsible for the actions of the administration of those investment projects, brokers, online services with which the investor decides to work.
  • It is important to understand that any investment of funds carries the risk of losing part or all of the invested amount. Stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, profitable sites, hype, real management, etc. are just investment instruments that can bring both positive and negative results.
  • To minimize risks, it is recommended to diversify the investment portfolio, check information and reviews about the investment instrument through trusted sources, and work with the amount, the loss of which will not worsen the financial situation of the investor.
Inverstors-planet is a unique portal that tells about making money on the Internet. Articles, reviews, videos, ratings, news and other thematic materials are posted here. We talk about projects in the market Forex, HYIP, economic online games, earning bitcoins, making a profit without attachments and other directions. You will find information on the type of earnings you are interested in. The materials are regularly updated and supplemented. The portal provides a unique opportunity to order referral rewards that we receive for your investments or active actions. You have the opportunity to order referral bonuses in full without any restrictions. All information on the site is for informational purposes only! You must remember that investing on the Internet is associated with risks. Be extremely careful, make a decision consciously. Do not invest last or borrowed funds!

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All information on the site is for informational purposes only! Remember that investing in the Internet involves risks!