Review of the blockchain game Gods Unchained: description, earning options, project prospects

The concept of combining gaming platforms and blockchain technology is very popular because it allows you to have fun and earn money at the same time. A vivid example of such a project is Gods Unchained. The blockchain game is rightfully considered one of the most developed, which impresses users, the developers have been working on it for a long time. This is a decentralized collectible game for competition and testing luck in the boxes, which has gathered the best of such projects. The outcome depends not only on randomness, players also need to think.

Gods Unchained

Description and concept of the game

The game was announced in 2018, and launched in 2019 on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum platform, according to the developers, best corresponds to the ideology of the game project.

The development team, consisting of experienced programmers, is supported by such well-known platforms as Galaxy Digital and Coinbase. The headquarters is located in Sydney. Before Gods Unchained, this team had attempts to launch gaming products, but all of them were unsuccessful.

Gods Unchained – maps in the fantasy genre. Each card is a unique token (NFT).

blockchain game Gods Unchained NFT

The game has a marketplace where you can sell unique tokens belonging to users, including for fiat money. This is one of the ways to earn money on the platform. The value of the Gods token on the cryptocurrency market at the beginning of 2022 was approximately 2.9 US dollars.

The game uses several types of game tokens:

  • Gods – game tokens that can be sold and bought on decentralized exchanges or used for staking;
  • ETH– a token on the ethereum blockchain that provides NFT protection;
  • IMX – token for the marketplace;
  • cards (unique tokens, NFT).

Gods tokens are also management tokens. Their owners can vote for various options for the development of the game.

After its appearance, the game Gods Unchained, thanks, among other things, to the possibility of real earnings on it, began to rapidly gain popularity, and the profit of developers grew just as rapidly. A mobile version should appear in the near future.

The Gods Unchained token has been launched on Coinlist, and its listing on similar sites continues.

Advantages Gods Unchained

On the platform, you can not only participate in games, but also earn cryptocurrency. This is a new trend in the development of card games. According to experts, such platforms can overtake online casinos in popularity.

A distinctive feature of the game is that all tokens earned by players remain in their personal property and they can be sold. Billions of dollars are already being spent on buying tokens inside games.

Преимущества Gods Unchained

Overview of your personal account

In the Personal account of the game site there are the following sections:

  • Expantions – here you can buy cards, collect decks and participate in the prize draw;
  • BuyPucks – to purchase discounted card sets;
  • Market– the marketplace of the game, where you can buy cards and tokens without fees for internal tokens;
  • Learn– the training section, which includes the help sections of the FAQ, referral program and others;
  • Collections– contains all the user’s cards;
  • OpenPacks – section for opening sets of cards;
  • GodsToken contains information about the main token of the game.

Gods Unchained варианты заработка

You can start playing Gods Unchained for free. After registration, the user receives gift sets of cards sorted into 6 decks. These cards cannot be sold, they are intended for the user to practice and get the first skills of the game.

Types and varieties of cards in the NFT game Gods Unchained

Gods and various mythical characters are drawn on the game’s maps. Each character has a set of characteristics, such as strength, health and others.

The user must assemble a deck in Gods Unchained of 30 cards, after which he can participate in an online game with other players.

NFT-игра Gods Unchained 

Two identical cards, even with a lock, can be reforged in the Forge of the game, receiving a unique token. You need to pay for the reforging with the in-game currency Flex. Then the resulting NFT can be sold.

The number of Gods tokens is limited to 500 million. This limit is distributed among players, game developers and tokens put up for public sale.

How to start playing the game Gods Unchained

Как начать играть в игру Gods Unchained

You can start without money investments. Before starting the game, you need to watch the training course on the website and get a few decks of cards as a gift. These cards cannot be sold because they are not unique tokens.

Gods Unchained is convenient to play in the application (launcher), which is installed on personal computers with the Windows operating system and macbooks. The user must have a Metamax cryptocurrency wallet.

The algorithm of initial actions is as follows:

  • go through the registration process and create an account;
  • log in to the game’s website;
  • link a cryptocurrency wallet to an account;
  • download the launcher from the official website of the game.

At the beginning of the game, you need to choose a God and collect the creatures associated with him. For each victory in the game, the user receives gift sets (packs). Packs contain two types of pictures: ordinary (with a lock), which cannot be sold, and NFT, which can be sold and make a profit.

After registration, you need to link your crypto wallet to iMMUTABLEX (NFT card market).

How to make money in Gods Unchained

The first way is to receive Gods game tokens, which can be sold on decentralized exchanges. As the price of coins increases, this becomes an additional source of profit. You can also buy cards of early collections (grade), they are valued, and their value will grow.

The second option is to participate in the referral program, receiving tokens for each invited player. Payment is made every two weeks in ethereums. The coins are credited to the wallet associated with the user account. The number of invited users is not limited.

Another way to earn money is to forge cards in the Kitchen and sell them on the marketplace.

And another way to earn money is to save Gods and wait for staking. At the beginning of 2022, the developers announced such a possibility in the future.

Gods Unchained: forecast and prospects

The Gods Unchained game project is developing dynamically. At the moment, you can still start participating in it for free. The latest news speaks about the upcoming positive changes. It is planned to introduce additional rewards for the daily performance of tasks. The mobile version of the game is also expected to be released in 2022. Considering that most of the users play from smartphones, because it is convenient, it means that the number of players will grow, which will lead to the hanging of the value of the Gods Unchained token. Therefore, those who have chosen the accumulation of Gods as a strategy at the moment can make some Good ones.


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Published: 17 January, 2022

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