How to bet on sports correctly: where to start, strategies, tips from experienced betters

The process of sports betting is increasingly moving online. Today, beginners can earn on sports betting on a par with professional betters. To do this, it is enough to register on the bookmaker’s website and follow the chosen strategy. We have collected recommendations of successful betters that will help novice users understand how to bet on sports in bookmakers and make money on it.

Как начать зарабатывать на спортивных ставках

Learn betting terminology

The first step for a novice betterer, which will allow you to understand how to bet on sports, is to study the basic concepts. These, in particular, include:

  • outcomes (victory of one of the sides or a draw);
  • the main totals (the sum of the indicators of an individual player or the team as a whole).

There are different methods of calculating totals, depending on the sport. A complete dictionary of betting terms can be found on the websites of the most famous bookmakers.

Decide on a bookmaker

When choosing, several factors should be taken into account, for example, commissions, convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds.

Before you start betting, you should familiarize yourself with the available information about the selected BC. Be sure to study the reviews available on the web and the company’s website.

It is recommended to pay special attention to the rules for calculating bets. For example, according to the rules, the wins received in extra time may not be taken into account, and the betterer will not receive the expected winnings.

Определиться с букмекером

Recommendation! It is better to place several bets on the same event in different BC.

Register and complete identification on the bookmaker’s website

To register and confirm your identity, you need a passport, a mobile phone and a valid email address. The registration process is usually standard. Some BC are required to undergo additional identification in one of the offices offline (a list with addresses is usually available on the BC website).

Choose a strategy

There are several types of popular strategies with minimal risk, which are better for novice players to choose.

The strategy with minimal risk (flat) is to allocate the same small amount for betting, regardless of the outcome. The bet amount is recalculated when the bankroll (funds reserved for bets) increases.

The fixed interest strategy resembles a flat, but the bet amount is calculated before each bet. For example, if the win was $5 and the bet is 5%, then the new bet is calculated as 5% of the bankroll increased by the winning amount.

Выбрать стратегию

Bets (odinars) can be combined into express trains. For example, in a game between teams A and B, bet on winning A in the first match and winning B in the second. Although the winnings in express bets usually exceed the amount of winnings in two separate bets (winning and losing B), it should be remembered that express bets are much riskier and more profitable for BC than for betters.

Express trains can also be combined in one bet. Such bets are called systems.

Allocate a bankroll or try it for free

A bankroll is an amount allocated specifically for betting. To minimize possible risks, you can first try to play virtually. In this case, the bankroll will also be virtual.

This option is well suited for beginners. Inexperienced players in this case do not risk real money and at the same time gain experience. Some sites, in order to attract customers and increase popularity, hold contests, participating in which you can get money and use it for betting.

Important! The funds allocated for the bankroll should not be a critical amount for the betterer. You should never play with credit money or mortgage property. Such actions often indicate the formation of gambling addiction, which is very difficult to fight.

The bankroll should be stored on a dedicated plastic card or digital wallet.

Make the first bet

For the first bet, you need to choose a suitable sporting event and evaluate the probability of outcomes. To do this, multiply the estimated bid by the BC coefficient. The result (the value of the bet) must be greater than 1.

Сделать первую ставку


The player estimated the chances of the outcome of the match between teams A and B as 60% (A win), 30% (draw) and 10% (B win). The BC coefficient is 1.95. The result of multiplying 1.95 by 0.6 is 1.17, i.e. greater than 1. Therefore, the bet can be taken.

One of the basic rules of betting is that the vast majority of bets should have value. Only in this case you can count on a stable income.

You can bet not only on winning or losing. Suppose team A is much stronger than team B. The outcome of the match is quite obvious for both the betterer and the BC. Therefore, the coefficient for winning A is low, and the betterer will not receive much money. But you can bet, for example, on a head start – the difference in the number of goals scored and conceded.

Tips for beginners in sports betting

There are several recommendations confirmed by experienced betters:

  • to place bets only in the sport in which the betterer understands;
  • do not bet more than 5% of the bankroll on one bet;
  • control emotions, make bets based on calculation;
  • never go beyond the budget allocated for betting.

You should not trust “insider” information about match-fixing. As a rule, it comes from scammers, for whose divorce naive people come across.

Some betters start playing not for the sake of winning, but to get emotions and drive. In this case, it is better to allocate a certain amount for the game, not exceeding 10% of the monthly budget. The winnings, if there is one, should be spent immediately on something useful (pleasant).

Published: 9 May, 2022

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