Guild Of Guardians Blockchain Game: overview and main features, how to start playing

Blockchain games are a new line both in the gaming industry and in the development of blockchain technologies. Often players get the opportunity not only to play, but also to earn. Today, a new game on the blockchain Guild Of Gardians (“Guild Of Guardians”) is on review. The release date has not yet been precisely determined, but the game is already attracting the attention of the community.

Guild Of Guardians


Features of the game and the team of creators

Guild of Guardians is a role–playing team game (RPG, Role Playing Game) in the fantasy style, which appeared on the market as a project in 2021. Virtual money won in Guild Of Gardians can be turned into real assets. The project is implemented on the Coinlist platform. Although an application for personal computers will be developed, the developers expect to get the main audience among mobile device users. Already, users are looking for how to download Guild Of Gardians for android and iSO, but it has not yet been added to the app stores.

The game was developed by Stepico Games on the Ethereum platform. This is the leading game development studio in Ukraine. The team of the game includes more than 80 people. It includes experienced developers, IT managers and game designers. Developers are represented on all well-known social networks, including You Tube, Facebook and Twitter, where you can follow the news.

Стоит ли серьезно рассматривать Guild Of Guardians

The partner of the project is the well-known game company Ubisoft.

Should Guild Of Guardians be seriously considered

At this stage, it is not possible to try out the game yet. The beta version should be released in the second quarter of 2022. The release date of the full-fledged Guild Of Guardians release, if everything goes according to plan, is scheduled only in 2023. So far, users can only blunt characters, artifacts and energy on the official Guild Of Guardians website during the sales period or through partner links.

There are two clear advantages of the game:

  • the game itself is free, and by playing you can earn NFT (unique tokens) and game tokens;
  • You can play on mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

Unique tokens can then be sold and exchanged for cryptocurrency or fiat.

Among the disadvantages of the project, we can note the high cost of the legendary characters of the game. Users also find the process of withdrawing funds to a cryptocurrency wallet difficult.

Many experts believe in the scale of the project, so they recommend investors to take a closer look.

Guild Of Guardians gameplay

Each player gathers a team of characters by participating in various challenges. For winning trials, you can receive NFT and sell them for real assets. Such a game model is called “Play and earn”.

To participate in the game, each player must be a member of the Guardian Guild, developing common strategies with other participants. The bigger the team (guild), the higher the reward will be.

Players send virtual Guild Heroes to fight monsters in the dungeon, earning rewards for the team. Heroes can be bought on the stock exchange or obtained for free. There are three classes of Heroes: Rangers, Melee Fighters and Magicians. Depending on the abilities, Heroes can be ordinary, rare, epic and legendary. Heroes in the course of the game can be both bought and sold. Perhaps, in the final version, the purchase and sale of gaming accessories will be implemented.

There may also be pets in the team. They are divided into Workers, Scouts and Hunters. These game characters help to get more rewards.

The game consists of completing quests in a dungeon where real virtual battles will be played out. Players can fully control the characters, including their movements.

Each element of the Guild Of Guardians game will be presented as a unique NFT token. This means that characters and artifacts are not just a graphic picture, as in classic computer games, but the user’s property, which he owns thanks to a record in the blockchain.

How to start playing Guild Of Guardians

First, you need to submit an application for registration of participation in the game on the main page of the site.

Как начать играть в Guild Of Guardians

Then purchase the characters of the game. You can pay for them using the Metamax cryptocurrency wallet. It is installed from the wallet’s official website as a browser extension.

To connect a means of payment to your account, you need to click on the “Connect wallet” button on the game’s website and select a MetaMask from the drop-down list.

Токен GOG

After activation, the wallet number will be displayed in the upper right corner of the personal account.

Then the crypto wallet needs to be connected to the Immutable X blockchain. To do this, click the “Link Wallet” button on the Mint tab.

GOG Token

The token of the project is the Token of the Guild of Guardians – GOG. They can be used for chasing NFT gaming, voting and betting. Part of the tokens will be distributed in the form of rewards to the most active players. Developers will receive 20% of tokens. Two tokensales have already been held on Coinlist.

Guild Of Guardians token refers to ERC-20 (this is the name of all tokens issued on the Ethereum platform).

How to make money in the Guild Of Guardians blockchain game

There are several ways to earn money in the Guardian Guild.

The game takes place in a dungeon where there are artifacts to create unique tokens. They can be sold, the profit is divided among all team members.

You can receive commissions from each sale. The developers plan that in the future commissions will make up the main type of income for players.

It is also planned that it will be possible to earn money on purchases inside the mobile application of the game.

Forecasts and prospects for the development of the game

The creators of the game hope to make it the most popular in the world. One of the factors that, in their opinion, will contribute to popularity is trading without gas, i.e. without paying for the computing power spent on creating smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

The developers claim that unlike other similar projects, all the toxins acquired during the game will remain with the players forever. This feature, according to experts of the gaming market, will make the game popular almost immediately after release.

Another factor in the future popularity may be the fact that the gaming market is gradually moving to mobile devices. And those who make this transition earlier will get a significant advantage.

Published: 23 February, 2022

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