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Vital information

Use materials presented on the site in informational purposes only. Portal administration is not responsible for your actions and their consequences (under the terms of the user agreement). Remember the risks related to investing on the Internet.

Age restrictions

The general content of the site is intended for familiarization by persons no younger than 18 years. Information provided in the sections related to the investment of personal funds is only for persons of majority age. We highly recommend underage users acquaint themselves with the material presented in the earnings without investments section.

Referral refund

To request a referral bonus, you need to register in a particular resource through our portal, even if the project you need is not available, you can contact the portal administrator so that he registers and takes off the referral link. The main thing that you need to do before registering is to clean the browser cache to prevent any kind of activity beyond our structure so we could give you your referral bonuses. Scammers are ignored.

Cash bonuses

Partners and visitors of our portal who show interest and activity can also be rewarded with a small but pleasant bonus! Is it hard for you to leave a feedback on 3 links when you order a referral refund and receive it? When you are interested in the project, you can easily leave your opinion “feedback”. All these actions lead to bonuses and we always monitor these processes.

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The portal sections

  • Investment projects (HYIP). The most risky and popular type of earnings on the Internet. It It is a kind of financial pyramid. The creators of projects come up with a beautiful legend about their activities. Some disguise their sites as legitimate companies. The section contains plenty of useful information for choosing a more reliable investment option. The content is located in the column on the left side of the page. Materials are presented for familiarization by persons of majority age.
  • Economic online games is another kind of financial pyramids. The main difference from HYIP is a exciting process of earning. User perform game actions and receive real money. Some of them do not require investments. Information presented in this section is for information purposes only and for persons of majority age.
  • Bitcoin earning is a section on the cryptocurrency earnings . The section contains several rubrics that provide useful information on bitcoin earning both with and without investments.
  • Cloud mining. Here you can find information on the services that lease out capacities for cryptocurrency earning. There are financial pyramids among the projects, but a great number of players in the market have proven themselves as honest and serious companies. Information presented in this section is for persons of majority age.
  • Bitcoin-faucets. Cryptocurrency earnings without investments. These projects are very popular today.
  • Bitcoin games. Reviews and descriptions of projects on cryptocurrency earning with or without investments. Information presented in this section is for information purposes only and for persons of majority age.
  • Internet earning. General section that contain thematic content related to Internet earning. We have already prepared a survey of resources on which you can gain profit by doing simple actions. The section will be filled with diverse and useful information.
  • The forex market. The section is under development. The content will be posted later. Information about this section is represented on the site.

The organization of the project constantly updating the site with reviews, articles, videos and other useful content. All materials are for informational and training purposes in the field of Internet earning. We publish the latest news from of financial and investment markets, inform about changes in the projects, development of our resource and much more things. For the convenience, the content uploads in the side columns of the sections. This makes it easier to find the right information.

About portal

Here is presented information about our resource, terms of cooperation and requiring payment advertising of your projects. Participants can familiarize themselves with the user agreement and ask the administration a question via the feedback form.

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Inverstors-planet is a unique portal that tells about making money on the Internet. Articles, reviews, videos, ratings, news and other thematic materials are posted here. We talk about projects in the market Forex, HYIP, economic online games, earning bitcoins, making a profit without attachments and other directions. You will find information on the type of earnings you are interested in. The materials are regularly updated and supplemented. The portal provides a unique opportunity to order referral rewards that we receive for your investments or active actions. You have the opportunity to order referral bonuses in full without any restrictions. All information on the site is for informational purposes only! You must remember that investing on the Internet is associated with risks. Be extremely careful, make a decision consciously. Do not invest last or borrowed funds!

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Investors planet: is a unique, developing portal that introduces you to Internet earning and gives you the opportunity to request a referral refund in full.

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All information on the site is for informational purposes only! Remember that investing in the Internet involves risks!