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Investors-planet is a developing, unique portal that introduces you to earnings on the Internet. The website contains information on the receipt of income with or without personal funds. This useful content will help you get and withdraw your first profit within the shortest possible period of time.

Our advantages: timely update of information on projects, constant improvement of the convenience of information delivery for better perception, systematic updating of diverse content (starting from videos to useful articles and earnings strategies).

The main advantage and difference of the portal is the referral return in full. You choose the project, register through our link and get into our structure. Perform active actions for which we receive a referral reward. Then, this bonus in amount of 100% is fully returned to you. The most active partners are provided with additional benefits.

Internet earnings monitoring

The activity of the portal is to monitor information on projects and ways to earn money on the Internet. Not everyone is familiar with the essence of this trendy word.

A simple example: there is a new project, a fund or a game with the withdrawal of funds. Then, one day it gets into our field of viewing. The next step that we do is checking the source for solvency. Depending on observations the project falls into the category of “not paying” or “paying”. Our monitoring continues on a daily basis. We quickly receive and update information on payments, events and news on monitored sources. Visitors and partners give additional support. They inform the administration of the portal about stably “paying” or “not paying” projects. We encourage them with cash bonuses.

Objects of our monitoring

Sources of earnings that we track are:

  • HYIP projects. Investment projects with high profitability. The initial goal is to multiply your contribution, at the expense of subsequent replenishments of new participants, these projects work on the principle of a financial pyramid, embellishing their “company” with a beautiful legend. These projects relate to the high-risk type of earnings therefore we pay special attention and perform a full monitoring of paying investment HYIP projects. The portal is only information-related and is not responsible for your actions 18+.
  • Online games with withdrawal of funds. Verification of economic game projects. These games work on the principle of a financial pyramid. Users perform game actions and withdraw real money. A popular source of income, which allows you to earn without investments;
  • Cloud mining. Another fashionable concept, whose essence is not familiar to everyone. Users rent equipment that is set up for cryptocurrency mining. Then they receive bitcoins in accordance with the volume of purchased capacity for mining. It’s possible that these so-called “Cloud mining services” work according to the same finance pyramid scheme. But at the moment there are services that have proved to be real companies.
  • The FOREX market. International financial market. We make ratings of the best brokers taking into account participants’ feedback on the experience in trading on a site. 100% referral returns also work here.
  • Bitcoin-earning. For fans of freebie. The portal tracks sites for the simplest bitcoin earning. Users receive currency for performing simple actions. This can be usual navigation through links, registrations, captcha solving from pictures and so on. User perform actions and the project administration checks the results and pays bitcoins. An analogue of the bookmarks offering earnings on clicks and website surfing (we also check them);
  • Earning without investments. Known buks websites where users receive money for clicks, site visits, sign-ups and other actions. The principle is similar to bitcoin earning but instead of cryptocurrency users receive traditional money. This method doesn’t require any investments.

We are developing with your help

Full referral returns, daily monitoring of projects, a diverse earning content on the Internet, which is constantly replenished, we do it all for you, and you also help us in this! Your feedback, comments, advices and recommendations help us to develop our project even faster! We will be glad if you have a desire to be active on the portal, and we will try to allocate cash bonuses for your activity!

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Payout Comments

Inverstors-planet is a unique portal that tells about making money on the Internet. Articles, reviews, videos, ratings, news and other thematic materials are posted here. We talk about projects in the market Forex, HYIP, economic online games, earning bitcoins, making a profit without attachments and other directions. You will find information on the type of earnings you are interested in. The materials are regularly updated and supplemented. The portal provides a unique opportunity to order referral rewards that we receive for your investments or active actions. You have the opportunity to order referral bonuses in full without any restrictions. All information on the site is for informational purposes only! You must remember that investing on the Internet is associated with risks. Be extremely careful, make a decision consciously. Do not invest last or borrowed funds!

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Investors planet: is a unique, developing portal that introduces you to Internet earning and gives you the opportunity to request a referral refund in full.

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All information on the site is for informational purposes only! Remember that investing in the Internet involves risks!