STEPN App: Earning on walking and running with virtual NFT sneakers

STEP game is an application for mobile devices based on iOS and Android, which helps to track the physical activity of the user. To participate in the game, you must purchase an NFT (unique token) in the form of virial sneakers in the game store.

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blockchain game STEPN

The essence of the STEPN NFT game

The user earns game coins by completing various tasks related to physical activity (walking, running, etc.). He can withdraw, sell or use this game currency in the application.

There are two tokens in the game: GST and GMT. Both can be purchased for Solana cryptocurrency. The GMT token is available to higher-level players.

Суть NFT-игры STEPN

How to use the STEPN app, play and earn

To start the game, you need to install the app on your mobile device, register and buy NFT sneakers. The latter differ in level and, accordingly, price. Now the game is quite popular, and the cost of sneakers usually exceeds $ 1,000.

For every minute of movement, the user receives GST tokens. The number of tokens depends on the type of NFT sneakers, their effectiveness, wear and speed of movement. After the transition to the 30th level, you can receive another type of tokens – GMT, the cost of which is higher. GMT are management tokens, they can be used to vote on issues related to the development of the project. Please note that the tokens participating in the voting are burned.

Registration and activation code

After downloading and installing the NFT game application, you need to register at the email address. During the registration process, the application creates a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet. You can not create a new wallet with solana, but import an existing one.

In order to be able to enter a new password in the future to replace the lost or forgotten one, you need to write down a seed phrase of 12 words and store it in a safe place.

Important! Without this secret phrase, it will be impossible to restore access to the wallet.

The ready-made wallet is designed to store 3 types of tokens:

  • SOL (to buy sneakers);
  • GST (credited for jogging and other activities);
  • GMT (credited to users who have reached level 30).

It should be borne in mind that registration in the project is possible only if there is an activation key (code). The code can be:

  • get a free hand (but the number of keys and the time of distribution is limited);
  • ask other users;
  • buy. Although this is prohibited by the rules of the game, the codes are sold on electronic trading platforms. The cost starts from $5. It is important to be careful here, you can run into scammers.

Buying sneakers

You can pay for the purchase of virtual STEPN sneakers with Solana cryptocurrency (SOL token). You need to transfer it to your game wallet from another cryptocurrency wallet or buy it on one of the crypto exchanges.

Покупка кроссовок STEPN

Pairs of sneakers can be crossed (blowjobs). When crossing (mint), a new NFT is formed.

It is recommended to always have a certain amount of SOL coins in your wallet to pay for internal purchases in the game.

Game modes and features

Now the solo mode is available to users. Soon the organizers promise to add two more modes: marathon and background.

Игровые режимы и особенности

Pumping and improvements in the STEPN blockchain game

The level of NFT sneakers can be increased by active participation in the STEPAN game, but not only. To increase, you can buy gems in the game store. There are 4 types of stones, different in color (and, accordingly, level): yellow stones increase the effectiveness of sneakers, red ones — their comfort, blue ones — luck, and purple ones – durability.

Gems can be upgraded for GST tokens, which are burned at the same time. Of the three stones of the same type, you can also make one of a higher level. Sneakers can be combined in a similar way.

How to make money on sneakers in STEPN

You can earn money in the game not only by showing physical activity. So, you can make a profit on the resale of sneakers when the price of them rises. Some players upgrade their purchased sneakers and sell them at a higher price.

Как зарабатывать на кроссовках в STEPN

Для покупки кроссовок нужно иметь ~120 долларов (стоимость обычных кроссовок).

На данный момент цены на NFT кроссовки в игре STEPN начинаются от 12 SOL. Курс Solana колеблется в диапазоне 100 – 200$.

Для пользователей из России могут быть ограничения по доступным видам заработка.

Where to buy, sell and store a GMT token

The GMT token works on the Solana blockchain. Since the launch, the coin has increased in price by about 40 times. Tokens can be used for voting, raising the level of gems and sneakers.

The tokens of the game are traded on the cryptocurrency exchanges Finance, By Bit and OKX. It is better to store them in the application wallet.

Где купить, продать и хранить токен GMT

Reviews of the app and the STEPN project

According to user reviews, the STEP application can be used to earn money. However, the amount of income can vary greatly. For the high-quality operation of the application, the smartphone must have a good accelerator. Unfortunately, accelerators of budget mobile devices often show the distances traveled inaccurately, which affects the result of the game.

Some players manage to earn 2-3 thousand dollars a month. But there are also risks that are always present when working with cryptocurrency.

So, calculations in the game take place using the SOL cryptocurrency. But any cryptocurrency has higher volatility compared to the stock market. With fluctuations in the value of the coin, users may incur losses.

At the same time, many experts consider the connection of gaming technologies with crypto projects to be quite promising. Especially when applied to health-saving technologies. The popularity of the game is growing. Moreover, her STEPN games have already had analogues.


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Published: 27 May, 2022

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