How to invest in profitable websites correctly. 5 ways to earn money on websites

Investing is an effective way not only to save savings, but also to multiply them. Due to the wide choice, many capital holders today choose remote options for investing their funds. There are enough tools for investment in this segment: stock exchanges (buying and selling securities), online banking deposits, cryptocurrency transactions, various startups, profitable websites. The latter method will be discussed in this article.

Инвестиции в доходные сайты

Investing in profitable websites is less in demand today than other popular areas of this niche. The problem is that many do not know how to make money on the site, and therefore are afraid to invest money in it. In fact, the yield here can exceed 100%-200%.

Which sites are considered profitable

Potentially profitable sites usually include commercial and informational sites.

Commercial sites are online stores, offering various services, etc.

Informational sites include sites containing interesting articles, useful instructions and other materials. They are well suited for investing and can provide both active and passive income.

Какие сайты считаются доходным

Is it worth investing in websites

Investing in websites, in comparison with other types of investments, has both advantages and disadvantages.

The obvious advantages include:

  • the possibility of creating a source of passive additional income;
  • comfortable earning conditions;
  • independence: there are no bosses in this type of earnings;
  • many users with any level of education consider such work creative and interesting.

Almost anyone can work with websites, because now you don’t need to know programming languages to do this.

Стоит ли вкладывать деньги в сайты

But there are also disadvantages:

  • the state of the resource needs to be monitored, otherwise it will cease to bring good income;
  • it is necessary to track the indexing of the site in search engines;
  • the content needs to be updated periodically, which requires investments of either time or money.

But any process of working with the site can be delegated to specialists. This will allow the investor to receive passive profit, even without understanding the intricacies of earning on websites.

Profitable websites for earning money

In order for a website to generate revenue, it must be indexed in search engines. Then the earnings scheme will be as follows:

  • search engines redirect some of the relevant (relevant in meaning) queries to the site;
  • with a large number of visitors (traffic) on the site, it becomes interesting to advertisers and they are ready to pay for the display of their ads;
  • for each click on an advertisement or banner, the search engine network (for example, Yandex) receives a fee from the advertiser, part of which is given to the site owner.

Money is usually transferred once a month to a plastic card or an electronic wallet.


Let’s consider where to start for a beginner.

First, you need to decide on the investment budget. It is not difficult to purchase a website, but in order for it to become profitable, it needs to be made popular (promoted) and brought to monetization, which will require additional investments.

Secondly, you should decide on the topic and choose a strategy for the development of the site and further earnings. It is better to buy a website on proven and reliable resources, for example, Telderi. When buying, ownership rights must be properly registered: the buyer must have full access to all the functions of the site.

After the purchase, you can start developing the site in order to increase profitability (monetization).

Where to get a profitable website

There are several ways to become a website owner. Let’s look at some of them.

Order a turnkey website

This can be done in specialized firms, online or offline. The finished site can be filled with content yourself or you can order not only the site, but also its content.

The advantage of this method is that the user does not need to do anything on his own, the minus is that you need to be able to attract traffic and choose the best way to monetize. This usually takes at least several months.

Buy a ready-made website

You can buy a website from a private person (for example, by ad) or use the services of specialized sites such as Telderi or Allsites. If the purchased site is monetized, income can be obtained immediately.

If you do nothing, it will take about a year for the site to pay off. After that, it will begin to generate passive income. The payback period can be shortened by modifying the site, adding more relevant content, etc.

This method requires significant initial investments for the purchase of the site, its promotion, and the involvement of third-party specialists. The site may have hidden problems, for example, claims from third parties related to copyright, which the new owner will have to deal with.

Do it yourself

This method is best suited for the creation and development of author sites.

Now sites are assembled on constructors, and the user does not need to know programming languages. You can make a website yourself, and order content from freelancers or on copyright exchanges. You can also buy ready-made articles on exchanges to reduce the time for content development.

Сделать сайт самому

5 ways to earn money on profitable websites

There are many ways to earn money on websites, we will highlight the most popular among the owners of Internet information resources:

Monetization by offers

Suitable for sites with low traffic. The website advertises products. The store owner pays a percentage of each purchase of the user who came there from the site.  Usually this amount is several hundred rubles.

Earning on affiliate programs

In meaning, this type of earnings is similar to monetization by offers, but the site owner receives a fee not for the purchase of the user, but for his transition to the resource.

Teaser ads

It consists in installing ad block codes on the site. This type of monetization usually gives a good result on women’s and entertainment sites.

There are other popular types of advertising, for example, contextual advertising from Google Ads and YAN (Yandex Advertising Network). The selection of advertisements for visitors is made by networks using artificial intelligence methods.

Sale of links from the site

With the development of search engines, this type of earnings is losing popularity, as traffic growth is constantly falling.

Direct advertising

In this case, advertisers make offers to the site owner directly, bypassing advertising networks. The cost of advertising is determined during negotiations with the advertiser.

How much can you earn

The profitability of the site depends on the traffic and the ways of its monetization. Usually, with a monthly attendance of 1000 people, the earnings are several thousand rubles per month. A promoted website can provide its owner with several hundred thousand rubles of additional monthly income, active or passive.

Published: 4 June, 2022

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