Top 10 Blockchain Games: Leading Blockchain-Based Games

Blockchain technology is becoming more and more popular every year and finds its application in various industries, including the gaming industry. The top 10 blockchain games are phenomenal game projects that take advantage of blockchain to create unique and exciting game worlds. In this article, we will look at the leading blockchain-based games and find out why they are becoming a real hit among players around the world.

TOP – 10 Blockchain Game

Let’s start our journey into the amazing world of blockchain games, and consider the Top 10 blockchain games that are very popular and have received recognition from the gaming community.

1. CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is a pioneering project, which is a collectible game where you can collect and breed unique digital kittens using blockchain technology. Each kitten has its own unique genetic properties and can be sold or bred with other kittens. The game allows you to own and manage your digital assets in a fully decentralized blockchain environment.


2. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained – This is a collectible card game built on the Ethereum blockchain. In this game you can collect, train and trade unique digital cards that represent powerful gods and creatures. Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, each card is a unique asset that you can own and exchange with other players.

Топ 2 Gods Unchained

3. Decentraland

Decentraland – This is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain, where users can create, explore and trade virtual assets. In Decentraland, you can purchase land plots, create and place digital objects, interact with other users, and even launch your own games and applications.


4. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity – This is a game combining elements of collecting, fighting and breeding digital creatures known as Axis. Players can collect unique Axies, train their skills and fight with other players. All digital assets in the game are unique tokens that can be sold and exchanged on the blockchain.

Axie Infinity

5. The Sandbox

The Sandbox – It is a metaverse where users can create, host and sell virtual objects and games. In this game, you can create your own worlds and characters, use NFT (non-interchangeable tokens) as unique assets, and even earn real money by selling virtual assets.

6. Sorare

Solare is a football game where you can collect and train digital cards with the players of real teams. The game uses blockchain technology to guarantee the uniqueness and authenticity of each card. You can compete with other players and earn rewards for achievements in the game.

7. Chainz Arena

Chainz Arena is a mix of a card and collectible game that uses blockchain technology. In the game you can collect unique cards and use them to create your deck. Then you can challenge other players and earn digital assets based on the results of the game.

8. My Crypto Heroes

My Crypto Heroes is a game where you can become a hero of the virtual world and fight with other players for fame and fortune. Using blockchain technology, each hero is a unique token that you can own and exchange with other players.

9. Crypto Space Commander

Crypto Space Commander is an online multiplayer game where you can become a spaceship captain and explore the galaxy, fight with other players and mine digital resources. All assets in the game are unique tokens that can be sold and exchanged on the blockchain.

10. Neon District

Neon District is a cyberpunk game where you can join the resistance and fight against a corrupt system. Using blockchain technology, each character and item in the game is a unique asset that can be owned and exchanged with other players.


Q: What advantages do blockchain games have?

Blockchain games offer several advantages, including transparency and authenticity of digital assets, the ability to own and control your gaming assets, as well as unique opportunities to interact with other players.

Q: What is the role of blockchain in the gaming industry?

Blockchain technology is changing the gaming industry, providing new opportunities for creating unique gaming worlds, owning and exchanging digital assets, as well as improving the security and authenticity of gaming data.

Q: Is it possible to earn real money in blockchain games?

Yes, some blockchain games provide an opportunity to earn real money through the sale and exchange of digital assets. However, it depends on the specific game and its economic model.

Q: What tokens are used in blockchain games?

Blockchain games often use non-interchangeable tokens (NFT), which represent unique and unrepeatable digital assets such as characters, items, and cards.

Q: Which blockchain platform is most often used for blockchain games?

Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchain platforms for blockchain games, thanks to its flexibility and a wide community of developers.

Q: Can I play blockchain games without prior blockchain experience?

Yes, most blockchain games are designed with beginners in mind, and they provide a simple and intuitive interface for the game. You can start playing blockchain games even without prior blockchain experience.


The top 10 blockchain games are innovative projects that have used blockchain technology to create unique game worlds. They offer exciting gaming experiences, the ability to own and control digital assets, as well as unique opportunities to interact with other players. If you want to immerse yourself in the exciting world of blockchain games, pay attention to these top projects.

Published: 21 July, 2023

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