Pay 1 Broker Freedom Finance: company services, tariffs and customer reviews

Broker Freedom Finance: company services, tariffs and customer reviews
Start: 06.05.2015
Works: 3307 days
Tariffs: from 20% per annum
Deposit bonus: 3%
Min/Max deposit: 1000$

Brokers provide investors with access to trading on the largest markets and a depository.  Such intermediary companies play an important role in the operation of the assets invested by the investor. This review of the broker Freedom Finance will help you understand what services the company provides and on what terms, how it is attractive to investors, and what reviews about it on the web. Based on this information, the capital holder can decide whether it is worth working with this company and what are the prospects for making a profit.

Freedom Finance: brief information about the company

Freedom Finance Company was founded in 2008 and is part of the international holding Freedom Holding Corp. It has a wide international geography, subsidiaries with real offices. Currently, it carries out its brokerage, dealer and depository activities on the basis of a full set of official licenses for each type of services provided in Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

It provides investors with access to the largest domestic and foreign markets, including US stock trading platforms. In the course of working with clients, Freedom Finance specialists provide full support to investors: from the study of the investment portfolio and analytical support, to professional consultations and reporting on trading operations.

Freedom Finance Investment company is included in the ratings of various global analytical agencies and publishers, which indicates the recognition and high trust of the community.

Advantages and disadvantages of Freedom Finance broker

Since the broker is popular among investors and is well recognized in its segment, there are a lot of reviews about Freedom Finance on the web. Having studied them, we can conclude about the following advantages that users note most often:

  1. Convenient technical service: it is convenient to open and top up an account.
  2. Loyal terms of tariff plans and commissions.
  3. The joint work of the broker and the bank, which ensures fast transactions.
  4. A variety of investment instruments.
  5. The possibility of participating in a large number of IPOs, including with the broker’s credit funds.
  6. The possibility of entering the foreign investment market.
  7. There are no restrictions on the minimum amount for the purchase of shares on US stock exchanges.
  8. A lot of useful educational content for investors: courses, webinars and lectures, analytical articles from experts.
  9. There is a convenient mobile application.

Among the disadvantages , users highlight:

  1. Several broker sites for each country – there is no single resource.
  2. Software freezes during trading operations.
  3. The IPO shares purchased are not stored on a third-party depository, but with a broker.
  4. Not always an operational support service.

Freedom Finance Services

The broker provides several profitable services for the investor:

  1. Brokerage services. Clients have access to the Moscow and St. Petersburg Stock Exchanges, as well as the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, CME, etc. platforms. In addition to buying shares, through a broker, asset holders can invest in raw materials, precious metals, funds, options, indices and other foreign instruments. The distribution of the investment portfolio can be carried out independently, or on the recommendation of the company’s experts.
  2. Trust management. A tool for investors with large capital. Clients are offered a choice of capital management strategies: for the Russian and American stock markets. The nature of management and the degree of risk are discussed before signing the contract. The quarterly bonus of the manager is 20% of the positive revaluation of the portfolio transferred to management.
  3. Consulting management. The client is provided with a personal manager with practical knowledge and experience in the field of investment. An individual adviser is in constant contact with the client, compiles a diversified investment portfolio, makes trusted transactions, gives professional recommendations, and is always aware of stock exchange events.
  4. Investing in an IPO. Participation in the initial placement of shares of companies is popular among the broker’s clients. Not all such companies open access to this tool, because only large brokers have it, and Freedom Finance has it with a good location. To participate, you need the status of a qualified investor (Cyprus is an exception). If you have a margin portfolio of securities, you can participate in the IPO with credit brokerage funds. To get a decent profit, it is recommended to enter the IPO with at least $ 10,000, although the minimum is $ 2000.
  5. Stock store. Becoming the owner of securities is as easy as making a purchase in an online store: you need to select a product, save it in the basket and make a purchase by paying with a bank card. All purchased shares, bonds, ETFs are registered on deposit within the legal framework.

How to open an account in Freedom Finance: replenishment, commissions and tariffs

To become a Freedom Finance client and sign a brokerage service agreement, you need to create a personal account on the broker’s official website.

Как открыть счет в Фридом Финанс

After authorization, confirm the contact details (phone number), fill out the profile, specifying information about the documents (passports and TIN).

Официальный сайт Freedom finance

To conclude a contract, you can contact the office in your region in person, or get documents through a courier.

Регистрация Freedom Finance 24

Account opening period: 1-3 business days.

The conditions, tariffs of Freedom Finance and commissions depend on the country. For example, for Ukraine, the package conditions are as follows:

Открыть счет FiFi24

For investors from Russia:

Before registration, you can get advice from the broker’s representatives. The hotline number is listed on the website.

The broker works with terminals such as QUIK, desktop Netinvestor and F-Trader (a Russified version of the American DAS Trader Pro), as well as has its own electronic platform.

How to top up your account and withdraw money

You can top up your brokerage account via:

  • the office where the contract is concluded;
  • bank transfer;
  • bank card online.

You can withdraw money from a brokerage account:

  • to a bank card in the Ffin personal account;
  • through the broker’s representative office in your region;
  • to the investor’s card (not available for all countries).


Having considered the tools provided by the broker, its tariffs, tested the work and analyzed the available feedback from other users, we can conclude that the Freedom Finance investment company is a really promising platform for long-term investment of assets in order to increase them.

As for the technical work, the opinions of users differ. Some note the full-fledged work of the software and the efficiency of technical support, others write about periodic technical problems with account replenishment and withdrawal of funds (delays in transactions), as well as trading operations (software suspension). In general, the Freedom Finance broker, which has been operating for more than 10 years, will be a good base for increasing the investor’s financial assets and can be used to diversify the overall investment portfolio.


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Comments: 1

  • Hello everyone! I want to share my positive experience with the brokerage company Freedom Finance. I had an incredibly pleasant investment experience with them, and I sincerely recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality broker.

    First of all, I really liked their trading conditions. Low commissions and excellent spreads allow me to save on transaction costs and maximize my potential profits. This is truly valuable to me as an investor.

    Secondly, Freedom Finance offers a wide range of financial instruments. I can trade stocks, bonds, funds, and much more. This allows me to diversify my portfolio and reduce risks. Moreover, all the instruments are presented in a convenient and user-friendly interface, which greatly facilitates my work.

    Thirdly, I really appreciate the professionalism and efficiency of the company’s staff. There is always an opportunity to receive consultation and assistance with any questions. They respond quickly to emails and provide quality support. This creates a sense of reliability and customer care.

    Furthermore, Freedom Finance provides a convenient and intuitive trading platform. I can easily find all the necessary tools and functions to effectively manage my investments. This is especially important to me as I am not a professional trader.

    And finally, I want to mention the safety and reliability of the company. Freedom Finance has all the necessary licenses and is regulated by the relevant authorities. This gives me confidence that my money is well-protected.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience working with Freedom Finance. They provide excellent conditions, professional support, and a user-friendly platform. I highly recommend them to anyone in search of a reliable broker.

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