Pay MMGP 0 Interactive Brokers: 45 years in the investment market!

Interactive Brokers: 45 years in the investment market!
Start: 19.05.2023
Works: 372 days
Tariffs: from 15% per annum
Deposit bonus: 0
Min/Max deposit: 2000$

The Interactive Brokers company, founded in the last century, continues to attract the attention of private investors both in the USA and in other countries of the world.

History and features of the broker

The history and features of this broker begin in 1978 with the founding of T.P. & Co. Thomas Peterffy. In 2001, it was renamed Interactive Brokers.

Interactive Brokers became the first broker to introduce automated order sending and the practice of using desktop and handheld computers for trading.

The broker is one of the largest in its segment and currently has more than twenty offices in more than ten countries around the world. The company’s official website is available in nine languages, including Russian.

Interactive Brokers is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut (USA), and the broker reports to the U.S. Securities Commission and the independent financial Markets Regulator.

Key advantages of the broker

One of the main advantages of Interactive Brokers is the ability to work with foreign residents, which makes its website accessible to users around the world.

Among other advantages, it is worth noting:

  • Reliability and availability of the broker;
  • The opportunity to trade on more than a hundred global platforms;
  • There is no official threshold for opening an account.;
  • A wealth of information on the site, useful for investors;
  • Round-the-clock support.

Interactive Brokers offers access to a wide range of instruments, including securities from more than 35 countries, futures, IPOs, ETFs, options and even cryptocurrencies.

Trading conditions

Although the broker does not set a minimum threshold for opening an account, it is recommended to have at least $ 2,000 in the account, since the annual fee for maintaining the account may amount to 10% or more of the investment portfolio. The recommended deposit is $10,000.

The broker offers margin trading, but only for persons over the age of 21 and subject to a deposit of at least $ 2,000. The maximum leverage is 1:40.

Types of accounts

Depending on the goal, the user can open an investor or trader account. Accordingly, it is advisable to use the first one to generate passive income in the long term, the second one is suitable for those who are used to actively trading, making a profit on fluctuations in the asset price when making short-term transactions.

How to open an account with Interactive Brokers

Depending on the user’s goals, you can open an investment or trading account. The first is suitable for obtaining passive income in the long term, and the second is intended for active traders who seek to make a profit on short-term transactions when asset prices change.

The process of opening an account with Interactive Brokers can be divided into three stages: filling out an application, depositing an account and starting trading. However, there are some nuances that may seem complicated to inexperienced users.

The general procedure is to visit the broker’s official website, click on the “Open Account” button and fill out an application. To open an account on Interactive Brokers, you will need to enter a large amount of information, including data from an identity document, full name, address, contact phone number, employer information and a bank account. Account verification can take several days, so it will take a little patience.


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