User agreement

 The agreement extends to all those who passed the registration procedure on the site. Your consent means your acquaintance and acceptance of site rules.

This consent means a voluntary and conscious cooperation between the Site Administration (in further “Resource”) and registered User (in further “User”). It confirms the fact of reaching the majority age.

Abdication of responsibility

The information on the site has information nature only. The materials are presented for informational purposes. The Resource Administration does not invoke users to perform any actions and is not responsible for the information contained in the projects.

Users apply the posted data at his own risk. Responsibility for the consequences arising from the use of information provided on the resource lies with the User.

The information posted on the Resource does not have the purpose to bring losses or profits to Users. Administration is not responsible for the material consequences caused by the use of data from the Resource.


Registered users assume their responsibility for possible financial risks and confirm that financial transactions in the Forex markets, currency exchanges, trust funds, start-ups and other investment directions involve risks of loss of material means.

The Resource Administration monitors the accuracy and reliability of published data. The Resource Administration monitors the accuracy and reliability of published data and is not responsible for the loss of relevance of data due to events on the Forex market, currency exchanges and the financial world. The Administration reminds of the information nature of the content. It is published exceptionally for the User’s knowledge of the data. The Administration is not liable for material losses and damage as a result of the use of information.

Users have the right to use the information provided on the Resource for conducting investment operations. However, users mustn’t consider this information as a guarantor of profit.

Terms of use and the user’s obligations

Registered users confirm the fact that he or she is the person of majority age. Users agree to not cause any damage to the technical work of the Resource system. Other obligations of the User: lack of impact on the system by using malware, dangerous digital materials or computer viruses, including deliberate or unintentional actions of distribution of spam.

The user agrees to the release of the Administration of the Resource from liability for possible losses, costs and expenses arising from the active actions or inaction of the User, including compensation of losses. The administration is not liable for the user’s actions resulted violation of the terms of the agreement or distortion of the facts.

Information, links and messages on the resource

The resource provides information on the Forex market, currency exchanges and other investment directions. The administration provides the content in the form of messages, links to internal pages and external sites related to the thematic of the resource. The purpose of the placement of information is acquaintance of Users with investment projects, overviews of the latest news and general information on the financial market.

All the links presented on the Resource don’t have advertising character, do not call for any actions and do not act as indirect or direct recommendations. Materials are only information and reference nature. The Resource Administration is not responsible for the 100% accuracy of the information. Also, the Administration is not responsible for any consequences and liabilities for the User actions as a result of the transition to the specified links.

Users voluntarily performs the actions specified on external sites after clicking on the links. Users agree to the absence of claims to the resource where these links are located. The Administration is not responsible for the security of the User’s data as a result of jumping by links.

Obligations of the Administration

The administration is responsible for storing the user information in an electronic database: personal data provided at registration.

The data provided by the User is confidential information. The administration undertakes to not disclose it to third parties.

In case of refusal to accept this Agreement, it is recommended not to go through the registration procedure. Intention to register means your acquaintance and acceptance of the Agreement.


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