Not pay 2 Carfoxes: Low-income «HYIP project»

Carfoxes: Low-income «HYIP project»
Start: 10.09.2021
Works: 987 days
Tariffs: from 0.5% per day
Deposit bonus: 5%
Min/Max deposit: 50$ / 50 000$

CarFoxes: investment in car auctions with a daily profit of 0.5%-4%: overview and reviews of the project


Investing in CarFoxes (official website: is a suitable option for investors who want to quickly put their deposits to use, as well as for those who plan to work with the project long-term or plan to develop the structure as an upline. 

This is a medium-sized investment product from an experienced management team. The diverse line-up includes 3 groups of investment proposals (two rates each) with daily returns: 0.5-0.8%, 1.2-1.4% and 3-4%. The term of the deposit ranges from 3 to 60 days. A successful launch and smooth development of the project bodes well. 

official website



CarFoxes operates in the auto auction market, making volatile offers at major auto auctions, including: Insurance Auto Auction (access for accredited dealers only), Copart and Manheim. Approximate annual sales in this segment are $9 billion. CarFoxes specialists have many years of practical experience in this field, so they can offer an active investment strategy with low risk values.

The company’s long-term plans are to create a large online platform with the P2P investments, to gather at least 100,000 successful investors in its community in the first years of operation, to introduce new tools for generating investor profits, while minimizing possible investment risks.

Design and technical part

The creators of the site took a serious approach to the development and design of the project, which indicates long-term plans for its development. The website itself has an adaptable layout and good optimization, it is easy to use. There is DDoS protection and SSL encryption.

The main page of the website has easy navigation and a well-designed interface. The sections are filled with high quality, unique content, professional video footage, latest news; there are buttons with links to official pages on social networks where information and real reviews from participants of the site are also published. Any user can download a PDF presentation and get acquainted with the basics and company’s foundational principles. The technical support center responds promptly.

Investment Plans

Income programs are tailored to investors with different options. There are only three tariffs with two rates with different terms and investment thresholds. The minimum and maximum deposit amount is $50/$250 for the fastest tariff, $50,001/$500,000 for the most profitable tariff.

Investment line-up “Daily plus”

deposit program CarFoxes INC


Category Plus daily with a yield of 0.5% per day Plus daily  with the 0.8% yield a day
Min/max contribution $50/250 $251/500
Term in days 3 7
Deposit return at the end of the term at the end of the term
Net profit 1.5% 5.6%


Investment line-up “Quick return”

Investment line-up "Quick return"

Category Quick return with a yield of 1.2% per day Quick return with a yield of 1.4% per day
Min/max deposit $50/5000  $5001/100000 
Term, in days 15 25
Return of the deposit at the end of the term at the end of the term
Net profit 18% 35%


Investment line-up “Profitable asset” inc

Category Profitable asset with a yield of 4% per day Profitable asset with a yield of 3% per day
Min/max deposit $10,000/50,000  $50,001/500,000 
Term, in days 40 60
Return of the deposit included in payments included in payments
Net profit 60% 80%


With the first two tariffs, the entire amount with interest is available for withdrawal or reinvestment at the end of the term. In the case of the “Profitable asset” tariffs, the deposit is distributed evenly in installments and paid together with the interest.

For each tariff, the investor can use the Profit Calculator to calculate the preliminary profitability depending on the amount of the deposit.


Auto auctions in the USA -


Affiliate program CarFoxes Inc


The multi-level affiliate programme includes a commission of 5-15% of all deposits by referrals of the first level (except for repeated deposits of the same amount); on the other levels the commission is 1-9%.

Participation in the affiliate programme can be effected without a personal deposit. For career development and further opportunities, it is necessary to fulfil the conditions regarding a personal deposit and the turnover of the structure. The most active partners are rewarded with valuable prizes.


Affiliate program


Registration and depositing


To register:

  1. Go to the official website and click on the “Registration” button to open the registration form in the upper right corner.
  2. Fill out a simple form, agree to the rules and click on the “Register” button.

Registration car

  1. Enter the confirmation code (which will be sent in a letter to the email address specified during registration).

email confirmation

After confirmation, the system will redirect you to the Personal Account, where you can immediately open a profitable deposit.

Reviews Carfoxes

At the moment, you can add funds to your account through Perfect Money or  crypto wallets.

Investments Carfoxes INC

To launch a deposit in the “My Investments” section, you must select a tariff and launch it.

Payment systems

At the end of the term, you can reinvest the deposit and profit on it, or withdraw it to your account in fiat currency or crypto coins. 


CarFoxes is a project with great potential and attractive marketing as well 6 tariffs with daily profitability. This is an opportunity for an excellent start and harmonious development that is set for the long term. Judging by CarFoxes online reviews, the project has gone well for investors. Many share information about payments. There is an interesting affiliate programme with ample opportunities for active uplines. The terms and conditions for investing are as simple as can be. Deposits are accepted in dollars and cryptocurrencies. The project is recommended for investment to investors with any level of experience.


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Comments: 2

  • Aleksandr Yakovlev 19.01.2022 at 15:34Reply

    Added the Carfoxes investment HYIP project with the legend of the auto auction from the USA, low-yield tariff plans, a well-prepared project, a prospect for long-term work.

    Balance replenishment from the payment system — TetherUS USDT TRC20. The amount of funds received is 201. Replenishment rate — 1, payment system commission — 0, payment id — 97d98d5f988530c66c3841e28a1bfe4dc9301a66795676f0d0252d5a4182f808

  • Aleksandr Yakovlev 02.02.2022 at 16:20Reply

    I ordered the first payment after the completed deposit period of $ 35 to my USDT wallet.

    Status: Completed
    Amount: 35.64
    Network: TRC20
    TxHash: 638d3b7bbda41480e566c2368ad121b6e138602e2533b676f972b316d7fa9890@

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