Not pay 2 SuperKopilka: Low income

SuperKopilka: Low income
Start: 18.01.2019
Works: 1951 days
Tariffs: Profitability depends on the created goals
Deposit bonus: 10%
Min/Max deposit: 10$ / Not limited

Initially, the project was launched on May 1, 2013. After February 25, 2016, the project management performed a complete restart of the resource. Today the project is developing rapidly, helps its participants to achieve their financial goals, increase capital and organize passive income.

Judging by numerous user feedback, the project has proved itself to be profitable – stable work, timely payments, educational content, and most importantly, the ability to increase your capital.

The principle of work of the project

The project marketing is quite thought out. Accurate mathematical calculation and competent distribution of invested funds allows the project to work for a long time and also have good prospects for long-term existence.

The SuperKopilka project is positioned by the creators as an automated fund accumulation system that allows users to save money for goals of their interest through timely replenishment of their internal account. Moreover, when a financial goal is achieved, a project participant receives a profit in the form of a certain percentage, the amount of which depends on the investment period of the chosen program.

In addition to the accumulation of funds, participants are offered to make a profit on deposits, as well as passive weekly profits.

The main advantages of the project

After analyzing numerous feedback from users who have already evaluated the work of the project, the following positive aspects can be emphasized:

  1. A transparent accrual and payment system, depending on the selected tariff;
  2. The possibility of passive profits;
  3. The quality resource with interesting and unique content;
  4. Prompt and competent support service;
  5. Minimum investment is only $10;
  6. Working official profiles in social networks;
  7. Attractive bonus program and regular special offers.

Design and technical aspects

SuperKopilka is a modern platform with a pleasant and simple visual design. The color scheme is performed in bright colors. After the restart, it is clear that the developers have done a great job on the project – easy navigation, graphics, and thematic sections with high-quality content. After reading the information on the main page, it becomes very easy to understand the main essence of the project. For more information, you can always contact the online consultant.

Technical aspects:

  • A unique script;
  • Eye-catching design;
  • Dedicated server;
  • Cloudflare DDoS-protection;
  • Russian interface;
  • SSL-encryption provided by COMODO.
  • Payment systems: NixMoney, Perfect Money, Payeer and AdvCash.

Investment plans

The project Superkopilka offers three investment plans:

  • Accumulation program – “Goals”.

The project participants are invited to determine a goal for themselves and its financial equivalent. To achieve it, it is necessary to choose the accumulation period and the amount of contribution that the user is ready to make weekly. When all the conditions of the program are fulfilled, as a result, the project participant receives a target amount + a bonus of 10%, 50% or more.

  • Capital increase program – “Deposits”.

The tariff plan marketing is similar to the previous program, the only difference is that the deposit amount is credited to the account not partly, but as a single payment. User choose the deposit period and its amount on their own. Profit is accrued at the end of the program. The amount of interest depends on the deposit period.

  • Passive income program – “Rentier”.

An investment plan involving long-term investments with the right to receive a profit starting from the very first week of the deposit period. The passive income program has flexible user settings, thereby the project participant will be able to set up a tariff plan in his / her personal account according to his / her own preferences.

Affiliate Program

The project provides an 8-level affiliate program. You can earn on referrals from 0.1% to 10%.

The main advantages of the Affiliate Program provided by the project Superkopilka:

  • profitable accumulation system, which includes referral commissions;
  • step-by-step training and regular webinars;
  • informational and motivational promotional materials that will help you easily attract new participants to the project;
  • Quick start. Project participants can start creating their referral structures immediately after registration.

How to set your first goal?

To do this you need to:

  1. Register on the project (the system works only with and email addresses), indicating real phone numbers for setting the password and further work in the system;
  2. Go to the “Create a goal” tab, which is located in your personal account in the menu on the left;
  3. Determine your specific goal and give it a name (for example, a trip to the sea, a new smartphone, etc.);
  4. Choose a mutual financing program;
  5. Define the parameters of the tariff plan, by specifying the amount and duration of the deposit period;
  6. Make a single or first weekly payment.
  7. At the end of the investment plan period, the user receives his / her deposit, profits and withdraws it in any convenient way.


SuperKopilka is quite an interesting investment product, which allows you not only to profit on your finances, but also to accumulate money to achieve your own goals. High-quality design, interesting and up-to-date content, truthful feedback, a detailed description of work of the tariff plans – all this makes the project to be worthy of our attention.




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  • Aleksandr Yakovlev 28.03.2021 at 12:41Reply

    Another SuperKopilka payout
    Received Payment 28.00 USD from account U11488253 to account U7540496. Batch: 379708662. Memo: API Payment. СуперКопилка:

  • Aleksandr Yakovlev 08.09.2022 at 15:45Reply

    the next payment of ref accruals
    Received Payment 27.00 USD from account U11488253 to account U7540496. Batch: 481580652. Memo: API Payment. СуперКопилка:

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