Not pay 1 Solid Trade Bank: Low income

Solid Trade Bank: Low income
Start: 07.10.2013
Works: 3881 days
Tariffs: from 0.2% per day
Deposit bonus: 0.5%
Min/Max deposit: 25$

Review of the SolidTradeBank investment project. 5 years of continuous work!

In this review, we want to present you a long-lived project that works in the “partisan” mode. The platform is famous for its regular profit payment on clients’ deposits for more than five years. During this time, many users who want to invest have been looking for information about – scam or not, but the project is still paying, and, judging by the reviews, the prospects are quite good.

The Legend of the Project (launch – October 2013)

SolidTradeBank positions itself as a real financial company, which manages several independent subsidiary companies. The main area of activity is banking. Thanks to the cross-insurance strategy, the company is able to provide its clients with a higher interest rate compared to the conditions offered by traditional banks.

Additional areas of activities of the SolidTradeBank project:

  • Oil and gas industry;
  • Heavy industry;
  • Real estate;
  • Stock market.

Project design and technical aspects

The “partisan” has been using a standard script and simple design for almost 4 years. In November 2018, the website has changed its visual design. This may indicate that the project administration decided to make fundamental changes and begin a full-fledged entry into the online investment market.

Technical aspects

  • Script – GoldCoders;
  • Protection from DDoSDDoS-Guard;
  • SSL certificate – COMODO;
  • Language – English (Russian-speaking users can use the built-in browser translator).

Marketing and investment plans

Until recently, the profit on deposits was 0.5% per day. After recent changes, the profit on deposits has fallen by 0.2%.

At the moment, the conditions for working deposits are as follows:

Profit percentage 0.2% per day 2% per week
Profit accrual weekdays weekly
Deposit period 35 days 25 weeks
Deposit amount from $25 from $25
Return of deposit at the end of the deposit period at the end of the deposit period
total investment return 105% 152%

Even before opening a deposit, it is possible to calculate the amount of future profit for a specific deposit amount. To do this, you need to log in and go to the “Replenish” section, after which the profit calculator will be displayed. After specifying a specific amount in the lower left window, the rates of return will vary depending on the entered numerical values.

                Affiliate program

                As well as other similar projects, SolidTradeBank has an Affiliate Program. At the moment, partners receive 1% of the funds invested by their referrals. To start earning on invited users, you simply need to register, specify your e-wallet IDs and promote your referral link (you can copy it from the appropriate section of your Personal Account). At the same time, it is not necessary for you to open your own deposit.

Registration process

To start investing in SolidTradeBank and use all available services, first of all, you need to register. The process of creating a Personal Account is standard. To open the registration form, you need to activate the “Registration” button. Next, the user will have to fill in all the fields, indicating the current e-mail, agree with the project rules and confirm his / her intentions by clicking the “Register” button.

Solid Trade Bank

After receiving the system message to the email address specified when filling in the registration form, the investor will be able to log into his / her account.

How to open a deposit

Currently SolidTradeBank works with two payment systems: Perfect Money and Payeer. According to the administration, in the near future they plan to expand the list of supported cryptocurrencies.

To open a deposit online you need:

  1. In your Personal Account, go to the “Deposit” tab.
  2. Below, in the “Enter amount” line, specify the desired amount. The minimum amount is $25.
  3. In the “Select payment method” line, specify the payment system from which funds will be transferred.
  4. To confirm the transaction, click the “Deposit” button.

As a rule, after payment confirmation, the money instantly goes to the internal account.

Most notably, there are no limitation on the number of active deposits. Investor can open any number of deposits.

Withdrawal of profit from SolidTradeBank

The investor can request any amount for withdrawal available on his / her balance. All deposits and withdrawals are anonymous.

To request the withdrawal you need to:

  1. Go to the “Settings” tab and save your wallet number.
  2. Go to the “Withdraw” tab and order the required amount for withdrawal.

The withdrawal of funds is carried out in manual mode. Request processing time is up to two days. Payments in SolidTradeBank are performed on weekdays.


SolidTradeBank is a good, stable low interest project with further growth prospects. According to investors who joined at the very beginning, during its launch, it was possible to obtain and withdraw at least 500% of profit. Despite the already impressive period of work, this project is worth paying attention to. So far, the administration has not launched a global redesign and active advertising, the partisan worked in a quiet mode. Recently, the project has begun to actively develop, which means that investors have every chance to make profit in SolidTradeBank.

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