Pay MMGP 0 Age of Clones: Online game with a withdrawal of funds

Age of Clones: Online game with a withdrawal of funds
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The unique Age of Clones multiplayer simulator is available at, and is a full-fledged virtual state that has been existing on the Internet for more than 10 years! For such projects, it’s really significant lifetime.

What’s the point of the game?


Game characters controlled by real people are called clones. They are just like us in our real world – they live, work, engage in animal breeding, buy and build real estate, cities, principalities and even entire empires. By choosing their own path, they can become either honest residents or bandits, or receive passive income from the securities market or work for hire. Throughout the game process, the clone has a chance to go from being a simple farm laborer, with a low remuneration of labor to a powerful Emperor who doesn’t know what the financial needs are. Upon reaching a new game status, the player discovers every time new opportunities and earning prospects. The speed of development and the size of the profit largely depends on the game strategy.

All profits obtained by the game characters, their owners (i.e. players – account holders) can be withdrawn to their own eWallets or bankcards. According to statistics, profit of high-level clones have long exceeded wages in the real world. So why do you need to waste your time? You definitely need to explore the Age of Clones game with the withdrawal of funds by yourself and learn about all its features.

Age of Clones. Where to start?


The registration process in this economic online game is standard and free. After confirming the e-mail address, the user will be able to log in to his / her personal account. There are a lot of different tips on how to play, so it won’t be difficult for the player to deal with the extensive gaming functionality.

The initial game character status is a farm laborer. His destiny is completely in the hands of the user. Some play at this level for 3-6 months, until they accumulate the necessary amount of gold to level up. Precisely because of the wrong start, many leave the game without discovering all the possibilities. Of course, you can play the Age of Clones game without investments, but, only investing in similar projects, you can start quickly get a significant profit. According to feedback, with the right approach, you can get 80-90% per annum.

The income possibility of the Age of Clones game starts with the “Craftsman” status. In general, there are 8 stages of development in the game:

Age of Clones –online game with a withdrawal of funds

When you open each new status – the player discovers new prospects and at the same time, the overall strategy of earning also changes.

You can familiarize yourself with the possibilities and requirements of each status in the “Character” tab.

In any case, in order to start make money in the Age of Clones game it is necessary to:

  1. Create a farm laborer after registering at;
  2. Obtain the Craftsman status;
  3. Get a job on one of private enterprises.

The project frequently conducts various competitions and quizzes. Winners of such draws receive prizes in the form of gold coins, which can be used to develop their clones and earn even more.

Speaking of the gameplay, it is automatic in large part. All you need to do is every few days spend about half an hour to give orders to your clones. In their turn, they will bring you profit, which, later, you can withdraw to your eWallet from the system.

Advices on how to play the Age of Clones game

  1. To achieve results – it is necessary from the very beginning invest an amount that is within your power into the game. Minimum is obtaining the Craftsman status;
  2. After you understand how to play, it’s important to visit places like “Trade Guild” and “Fair”;
  3. You shouldn’t neglect the drawings held by the administration of the project. Get a cash reward for winning or participating, sometimes it’s not that complicated.
  4. Everyone who can correctly express their thoughts can write articles in the Age of Clones newspaper and earn thereby the game currency to develop their characters.

Earning on the Internet playing is quite possible today. The main thing is the right approach and a small amount of financial investments.


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Economic online games: great opportunity of earning for web users with business acumen

World Wide Web is not only a place for information search. Internet provides users a great number of opportunities for passive income. One of the most effective is the participation in economic online games which include withdrawal of funds. These games are:

  • simulators
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The games imitate human life (both in the past, present and future) or lives of fictional characters. What’s the essence of games which include withdrawals? Plays are offered to act as an investors of a perspective project. Players pay for game characters, their economic and other activities. Eventually users can withdraw their profit. Prize fund is formed from the user's and attracted sponsors’ funds. Implementation of referral links stimulates attraction of new players, thus increasing gamers’ opportunities. It’s important to note two main features of games which include investment and withdrawal of funds. First: You should understand that these games are not lotteries, online casino or gambling. These games are virtual investment projects where everything depend on player’s skills and entrepreneurial flair. Second: Of course there is always a place for risk. Players should be ready for it. There three main ways for earning in similar projects.

  • Users who are not ready to take risks usually choose games without investments. Upon registration users receive a number of free of charge bonuses. Further success depend on users and their ability to make right decisions. You should to clearly understand: profit amount in such strategies is minimal.
  • There is a saying - don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Many users participate in several virtual investment projects simultaneously. The amount of profit depends on profitability of certain game, player’s efforts and etc. Minus of way is high risks.
  • Third way is attracting of referrals (we’ve mentioned it already before). The idea of this approach is invitation of new participants of economic games. Players who invited new participants receive a certain percentage of new member’s payments.

Account replenishment is carried out through variety of different ways. Users can choose one of payment systems (WebMoney, OOOPay,, Qiwi and etc.). It’s also possible to make payment through bank account and plastic card. Users can even top up their account through mobile phones. Upon choosing online games with withdrawal of money pay your special attention to the following:

  • term of existence of a certain project;
  • the amount of minimum contribution;
  • the size of strategy’s reserve fund;
  • existence of bonuses;
  • possibility of obtaining additional earnings.
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