Who is Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto is considered to be the creator of the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Nothing is known for certain about this person. Most experts believe that the name is fictitious and, perhaps, it is a group of people or, in general, the creation of artificial intelligence.

Satoshi Nakamoto – what does it mean

Translated from Japanese, the word “Satoshi” means “wise”. For Japan, such a name is not typical, but it occurs, although infrequently.

“Nakamoto” translates as “the one who lives in the middle.” As a name often found on the Ryukku Islands.

Thus, we can say that Satoshi Nakamoto is a wise man who lives in the middle. It is not known for certain whether this is one person or a pseudonym of a group of people.

Satoshi Nakamoto has an account (without a photo) in the P2P foundation, a social network based on blockchain technology.  But many Internet users have doubts about the authenticity of this account.

This person (or group of people) has earned billions on Bitcoin. But in December 2010, he suddenly disappeared from the network.

In 2018, an unknown user reported that he knew exactly who Nakamoto was and was ready to sell this information. Most users considered it a hoax. Until now, nothing is known for certain about Satoshi Nakamoto, who it really is remains a mystery.

People who were mistaken for the founders of Bitcoin

Many journalistic investigations were conducted to determine the identity of the mysterious creator of bitcoin, but they all turned out to be fruitless. There are a number of assumptions about who may be hiding behind the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Let’s look at some of them.

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto

This person really got the name Satoshi Nakamoto at birth. As an adult, he officially changed Satoshi’s name to Dorian.

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto graduated from college in California with a degree in physics. He worked in various places, including Citibank. Some of the jobs were related to access to classified information.

In an interview, Nakamoto said that he no longer deals with bitcoin. Therefore, journalists assumed that this is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. But there is no reliable information about this. After the interview was released, Dorian sent a letter to the editor saying that he had nothing to do with Bitcoin.

Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo is an American of Hungarian descent. There are reports that the linguistic analysis of his articles allegedly testifies to the unity of the styles of Sabo and Nakamoto.

Michael Clare

Michael Clare is a brilliant programmer, of Irish descent. Since the age of 10, he has been writing programs in C++. Worked as a programmer in a bank, knows well the features of P2P networks. Answering questions from journalists, Clair said that he was not Satoshi Nakamoto, but would not admit even if it were so. He did not admit his involvement in the development of bitcoin, but he did not deny it either.

Hal Finney

This is the first person to receive a transfer in bitcoins. His correspondence with Satoshi Nakamoto has been preserved, but Finney claimed that he never determined who it was. The fact that Finney’s family was left in poverty after his death from an incurable disease speaks against his authorship of bitcoin.

Other assumptions

There are other versions about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. So, some journalists believe that a well-known American billionaire, engineer by education, Elon Musk may be hiding under this pseudonym. Others believe that the creator of the cryptocurrency is a brilliant mathematician with very unconventional thinking, Nobel Prize winner in Economics John Nash. In 2015, Nash and his wife were killed in a car accident.

Other assumptions about Nakamoto’s identity are connected with programmers Wei Dai and Neil King, well-known in the field of cryptography, as well as a Japanese mathematician, a specialist in number theory Shinichi Mochizuki.

There is an assumption that Satoshi’s name is formed from the names of well-known companies that are behind the development of bitcoin. One of the possible options: several letters of the company names Samsung (the first two) and Toshiba (the first four).

Rumors about the involvement of secret services in the development of blockchain technology are constantly being exaggerated in the press. Many netizens have no doubt that the US intelligence services know who Satoshi Nakamoto is. There is no doubt that if Nakamoto revealed his identity, he would immediately become the object of close attention from the authorities, but also various criminal structures.

Interesting facts

The following facts are reliably known:

  • Nakamoto’s net worth should be more than 1 million bitcoins (now it is more than $ 10 billion);
  • the bitcoin technology is based on the construction of a blockchain chain, the idea of which was published back in 1991. By Scott Stornetta and Stuart Harber;
  • the description of bitcoin sent out by Satoshi Nakamoto was made in perfect English, so many doubt the Japanese origin of the creator of the cryptocurrency;
    In 2015 , the creator of BTC was nominated for
    The Nobel Prize in Economics;
  • In 2013, Satoshi Nakamoto became the “person of the year” according to the magazine “Business Insider”.

Blockchain technology can also be used to decrypt the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. All his correspondence and publications are now digitized and stored as a token. Perhaps in the future it will help to make a large-scale linguistic analysis and reveal the secret of the authorship of the creator of the cryptocurrency.

Published: 4 August, 2021

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