The Best Play to Earn NFT Games in 2022

NFT is understood as unique non-interchangeable tokens that exist in a single instance. This direction of the crypto industry became a trend in 2021 and since then interest in it has only been growing. Usually works of art are associated with NFT, but there may be other creative objects, for example, NFT games, they are also called Play to Earn games.

What are NFT games and how to earn money from them

NFT games are arranged according to the “play and earn” system. The goal of participating in such a game is to get NFT tokens. They can be collected or sold, making a profit and real money. The rules of each game are contained in the corresponding smart contract of the blockchain network.

Что такое NFT-игры и как на них зарабатывать

NFT games make it possible to monetize the love of computer games. Tokens earned in the game can be exchanged for fiat money. Many have referral programs where you can earn money by attracting new users to the game.

List of the 10 Best Play to Learn Games in 2022

There are various genres of NFT games: adventures, forms, maps, etc. Players fight each other (separately or in teams), and the winners receive prizes in NFT, game tokens or cryptocurrency.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

It is especially popular in the Philippines, where players’ earnings are often comparable to their earnings offline. In the Axis Infinity game, users grow or buy/sell Axie virtual animals. The game has other NFTs, for example, collectible items that can be sold.

By participating in the game, you can earn up to $ 1,000 per month, but it is important to know its rules and features well.

Gods UnchainedGods Unchained

The winners of this virtual card game receive in-game currency, with which they develop collectible cards. These cards can be sold, earning a crypt.

The SandboxThe Sandbox

Translated from English, the name of the game means “sandbox”. Players can sell and buy game tokens: Land, Sand and Assets. The game is built on the principle of a Metaverse, in which players develop their own projects by receiving a SAND token. It can be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges. To take part in the game, just go to the project’s website and connect the Metamax cryptocurrency wallet.


Crypto football, the popularity of which is largely due to the low entry threshold (~ $ 100). Users collect collections of game items – digital cards with images of football stars and some other games. The participants of the game get points for real victories of the players from the collection. Cards can be sold, bought or exchanged.

The standard earning scheme is to buy cheap cards of little-known, but promising players, and sell them after the price increases.


A metaverse in which various events take place. For example, you can go to a concert or visit a movie theater. On the platform, players can advertise their own business and create other projects.

Mines of DalarniaMines of Dalarnia

All players are divided into miners and landowners. Miners are looking for jewels by defeating monsters. All game items are NFT tokens that can be sold, bought or exchanged.


The Step game is a computer application in which users are rewarded for physical activity (walking or running). To start the game, you need to buy virtual sneakers in the app store. You can earn money by improving sneakers and reselling them.

Guild of Guardians

The fantasy game is due to be released at the end of 2022 as a mobile application, but it has already become popular. Developers have already earned more than $ 3 million on the sale of the first series of game tokens. (Game Review)

Gold FeverGold Fever

An adventure game, the plot of which resembles the times of the Gold Rush. Some players are looking for gold in the jungle of the tropics, while others (“capitalists”) give them loans.

Town StarTown Star

A farming game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users perform various tasks, earning in-game currency. At the end of the week, the leaders can receive large prizes.

Risks for players

Earnings in crypto games are associated with the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, for example, internal tokens of the game. A feature of any type of crypt is high volatility, which is always associated with increased risks.

Initial investments are often needed to enter the game. For example, buying sneakers at STEPN will cost about $ 1000-1500. With fluctuations in the value of the crypt earned in the gameplay, investments can be lost.

Published: 7 November, 2022

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