Using Sidechain in Cryptocurrency: A Complete Guide

Currently, the cryptocurrency market is rapidly developing, and new technologies are emerging with it, contributing to the improvement of the ecosystem. One such innovation is sidechains (side chains). In this guide, we will look at what sidechains are, how they function and how they can positively affect the cryptocurrency industry.

What is Sidechain?

Sidechain are separate blockchain chains that work in parallel with the main blockchain and allow the transfer of digital assets between them. The main goal of sidechains is to improve the scalability and functionality of the blockchain by providing additional features that cannot be implemented on the main chain.

Key Advantages of Sidechains:

  1. Scalability: Sidechains help to reduce the load on the main chain, unloading it from repetitive transactions and providing higher throughput of the entire system.
  2. Interoperability: Sidechains make it easy to move assets between different chains, improving the interaction between different cryptocurrencies.
  3. Privacy: Some sidechains may offer an increased level of privacy for users, which makes their transactions more confidential.
  4. Smart Contracts: Some sidechains support smart contracts that open up new opportunities for developers and users.

How do Sidechains work?

There are various approaches to sidechain implementation, but one of the most common is the use of two-way pegs. Pegs are mechanisms that provide communication between the main chain and the sidechain.

When a user wants to move his digital assets from the main chain to sidechain, he freezes a certain number of assets on the main chain, and these assets become unavailable for use in the main chain. Then the corresponding number of tokens is issued on sidechain, which allows the user to use them in this parallel chain.

When a user wants to return their assets back to the main chain, they send tokens back to the two-way peg on the sidechain, and after that the equivalent amount of assets is unfrozen on the main chain.

Using Sidechain in practice

Sidechains are widely used in the cryptocurrency industry and can be used for various purposes:

1. Scalability:

With the growing number of users and transactions on the main chain, there is a risk of system congestion and increased transaction confirmation time. Sidechains allow you to scale transactions efficiently, providing faster and more cost-effective means of exchanging digital assets.

2. Testing new features:

Developers can use sidechain to test new features and updates without risking exposing the main chain to possible vulnerabilities. This allows you to increase the security and reliability of the main network.

3. Privacy and Confidentiality:

Some sidechains offer improved privacy algorithms, which makes transactions more anonymous and protected from third-party surveillance.

4. Interaction with other blockchains:

Sidechains facilitate more efficient interaction between different blocks, which allows users to easily move assets between different ecosystems.


Sidechains represent a significant breakthrough in the development of cryptocurrency technologies. These side chains provide new opportunities for scaling, improving privacy and interaction between different blockchains. With the development of sidechains, cryptocurrencies can reach new heights and become more accessible and user-friendly.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand what sidechain is and how their use can improve the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This new direction of development can bring significant benefits to all market participants and contribute to the further spread and recognition of cryptocurrencies in the global economy.

Published: 26 July, 2023

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