Overview of the Top 10 cryptocurrency traders

The cryptocurrency market, as a segment of the financial sector, has great prospects, but is fraught with many risks. Inexperienced investors often lose everything because they are not capable of independent analysis and do not see real prospects. In such areas, there will always be professionals who are able not only to extract maximum profit from investing, but also to teach other people this. We will talk about the top 10 best crypto traders in this article.

How to Choose a crypto trader

This can be understood as a professional who invests both his own funds and the funds of other investors through PAMM accounts, as well as a successful investor who is ready to teach beginners how to invest money wisely in cryptocurrency. In both the first and second cases, the main selection criteria will be the indicators of the trader himself, including:

  • profitability of a PAMM account and the duration of its existence;
  • trader’s trading experience;
  • place in the top cryptocurrency traders;
  • state of the balance curve;
  • the value of the trader’s personal deposit;
  • current balance size;
  • number of attracted investors;
  • total and current number of transactions;
  • the trading strategy used by the trader (moderate, aggressive, classic).

When choosing a trader to whom an investor intends to entrust his funds, it is also important to pay attention to the proposed conditions. For example, some of the crypto traders prefer to work exclusively with serious investors, so they set a high entry threshold.

Top 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders

The following list is intended for those who rely on themselves, but are looking for a mentor who will help to understand the intricacies of the crypto market.

Ty Lopez

Тай Лопез

A legend of business and crypto trading, who has established himself as a professional in the field of marketing and a financial consultant who worked for the largest participants of the American market. Lopez believes that cryptocurrency is the future, so he does not neglect its trade. It is believed that his predictions are bold, but reasonable and justified. Tai travels a lot around the world, advises, earns money by trading various assets, including digital currency and has his own channel on You Tube.

Peter Brandt

Питер Брандт

He is considered one of the most experienced traders, who, according to his words, has been working in the market for more than 45 years. In the crypto community, this trader gained popularity as a result of the fact that he was able to predict the correction of bitcoin in 2018 after the cryptocurrency reached its peak in 2017. In his microblog, Peter publishes technical analyses of cryptocurrencies and comments on the dynamics of assets.

Clark Davis

Ларк Дэвис

A well-known analyst and trader in a certain environment, leading his microblock. In the latter, he presents readers with a technical analysis of cryptocurrencies, publishes current news concerning the digital asset market, and gives forecasts regarding the movement of coin rates. According to the trader himself, his activities are aimed at helping people seeking to change their well-being for the better.

Benjamin Cowan

Бенджамин Коуэн

It is no exaggeration to say that this is an outstanding financial analyst who is also a professional trader. Among other things, Cowan predicted another rapid growth of bitcoin in 2022, and also, based on logarithmic analysis, predicted an increase in its value in 2 years to $ 141,000. As a consultant, Cowan gives advice to everyone and often makes correct predictions about the price movement of cryptocurrencies.

Michael Van De Popp

Майкл Ван Де Попп

A non-professional crypto trader who prefers the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange. This does not prevent Van De Pop from practicing cryptocurrency trading, as well as sharing observations with readers of his blog and giving short-term forecasts for digital assets.

Tony Weiss

Тони Вейс

The career of this crypto trader began on Wall Street, later he held the position of vice president in the American multinational conglomerate JPMorgan Chase for a long time. In addition to crypto trading, Tony is engaged in the development of a Twitter account and maintains a YouTube channel in which he gives advice and recommendations regarding cryptocurrency trading. Weiss’s priority is 50 top digital currencies, for which he sees the future, but shitcoin, as a cryptocurrency without technology and potential for growth, is not welcomed by the trader.

Scott Melker

Скотт Мелкер

The creator of The Wolf Of All Streets project, an analyst and trader who produces videos and other materials on the topic of cryptocurrencies. It is noteworthy that Scott regularly presents technical reviews of various coins and cryptocurrencies that do not appear in the top 10 of the capitalization rating.

Oles Sribny

Олесь Срибный

A recent stock exchange participant with Ukrainian roots who switched to the digital currency market. Now Oles is not only actively trading cryptocurrencies, but also conducts training for novice traders. His courses and webinars will be understandable to Russian-speaking traders.

The Crypto Dog

The Crypto Dog

A crypto trader, a blockchain investor, a popular market commentator, often presenting information to readers in a playful way. According to the trader himself, he has been mining for ages. Participants of the crypto community turn to him for an explanation of the subtleties of the digital asset market, whose questions Crypto Dog willingly answers.

Tony Robbinson

Тони Роббинсон

Not the most famous person in this environment, who is more a business coach and showman than crypto traders. Nevertheless, he has his own investment portfolio consisting of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, among others. Tony is not one of the desperate investors, so he tries to invest exactly as much as it is not a pity to lose. He himself admits that he waits for the maximum price in the vehicle in order to get as much profit from the sale as possible. Often, Robbinson gives valuable advice to other investors who decide to switch from the stock market to the crypto market.

At the end of the proposed review, it is worth noting that the opinions of various crypto traders regarding the prospects of digital currencies and the opportunity to earn money on them are purely subjective, and investing in cryptocurrencies is risky. Therefore, it is important to invest only that part of the savings, the loss of which will not have a strong impact on the quality of life of the investor.

Published: 12 January, 2022

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