How to build a mining farm

The sky-high incomes of buyers of the first bitcoins still attract investors. It is unrealistic to achieve such a level of profitability so quickly now, but investments in cryptocurrency do not lose their relevance, moreover, demand is growing. A mining farm is an equipment with which anyone can mine cryptocurrency.

The most profitable way to earn money on the crypt is mining. Therefore, the question of how to build a mining farm remains quite relevant.

What is a mining farm

Mining is the provision of its own computer equipment for computing in the blockchain chain, with which this type of cryptocurrency is associated. The power of one computer is not enough for successful mining. You need to assemble a special computer network, which is called a mining farm. A farm can also consist of a single high-performance computer. The more computing power is involved, the greater the probability of profit and the shorter the payback period of the farm.

The easiest way is to buy a ready-made company. But it costs more. Therefore, beginners try to study the question of how to assemble a mining farm and do it themselves.


Before you build a mining farm from scratch, you need to prepare all the necessary equipment and the following basic components:

  • video cards (for stable profitability of the farm, their number must be at least 4);
  • power supply unit;
  • pin cables and adapters;
  • motherboard;
  • processor;
  • hard drive;
  • RAM;
  • special accessories for video cards (risers);
  • rack;
  • fans.

Part of the equipment must be of high quality and expensive. First of all, these are video cards and a power supply. It is not recommended to take used components, because they will most likely last for a short time due to the heavy load during operation.

The processor may be the simplest. It is enough if the hard disk has a capacity of 60 – 120 GB. RAM is better to choose at least 4 – 8 GB.

The room for the installation of the farm should be unheated and with good ventilation, since computers will heat up very much during operation.

Important! Since this method of generating income has certain risks of losing financial investments, experts do not recommend using credit funds for the purchase of equipment.

Assembly algorithm

You need to assemble a mining farm according to the following algorithm:

  1. Make a frame for the placement of equipment.
  2. Secure the motherboard (usually in the center under the bottom shelf). The board should be located at a small elevation so as not to come into contact with the surface.
  3. Securely attach the processor and cooler to the board.
  4. Attach the power supply to the frame with screws and screws.
  5. Install the indicator elements and the power button.
  6. Install a stand on which to attach the hard drive and connect it with cables to the power supply and the motherboard.
  7. Separately connect video cards using additional power elements and risers.
  8. Mount a cooling system (water or air) around the rack with video cards.

After that, you can connect the farm to electricity and the Internet, and start mining. There are special programs for mining on computers with Windows or Linux operating system.

What you need to consider

To set up a farm, you need to have skills in assembling computers. It will be difficult for a beginner who does not know how to work with hardware. If the truss or cooling system is installed poorly, they may burn out during operation or at the first power-up. Previously, it is better to watch the assembly process on video. Many videos are posted on the You Tube platform.

The farm should be located in a separate unheated room. Due to the strong heating of the components, it will be stuffy and noisy in it. It is clear that the conditions of a city apartment in a multi-storey building are not suitable for mining.

With self-assembly of the farm, you can save 1-2 thousand dollars. But the costs of electricity and cooling system will still be large. If there is no initial capital, it is better to consider other types of mining, for example, cloud mining.

As the cost of electricity increases all the time, the payback period of the farm will also increase all the time. You can mine not bitcoin or ethereum, but new, cheaper types of crypts, but the risks of falling in their value will be much higher.

For security reasons, it is better not to tell anyone about the farm and where it is located. You can also install a video camera and keep the farm premises under constant surveillance.

Published: 20 July, 2021

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