FreeBitcoin is a long-life project. It’s popular with users who wish to collect free satoshi. The project pays regularly. It’s possible to set direct automatic withdrawal to the wallet without any mediators. At the same time

FreeBitcoin also includes manual payouts. In order to get Bitcoin users need to enter a CAPTCHA once an hour (there is a timer and sound signal). Users can increase their balance in the “Multiply” section which allows to double the amount of satoshi. You also can get additional BTC for winning the weekly lottery.

How to work with the FreeBitcoin faucet?

In order to star earn on FreeBitcoin users need to register, specify their email address, create and enter a password to login to their account.


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After registration confirmation the system redirects users to the main website page. This is the place where the process of collection of free satoshi is carried out. At the bottom of the page is a picture with encrypted text along with a window for CAPTCHA input.

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After activating the “ROLL” button the system generates a random number.

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In accordance with the payoff table a certain amount of satoshi is credited to the balance.

To participate in distributions there is also available a reCAPTHCA.

FreeBitcoin crane ref

As many users claim that it’s vary easy to solve it. It means that it will take users less time for satoshi collecting, accordingly. This is especially relevant for those who uses several faucets for collecting free cryptocurrency.


Having examined the table of number range of winnings you can draw a conclusion that the faucet gives from 82 up to 8213552 satoshi per one distribution. Of course, the chance to get a large amount is minimal. According to users feedback, the maximum amount which you can can get is 821 satoshi but still it happens very seldom. In any case the minimum amounts are always available. The faucet carries out distribution every hour.

Withdrawal of cryptocurrency

You can withdraw your cryptocurrency in three ways: immediately within several hours, or once a week. The commission is charged depending on the withdrawal type.

Best of all is to set automatic payout once a week. Thus you can avoid additional commissions. In order to change withdrawal settings a user needs to tick the box and specify his/her bitcoin address (it can be changed in “Profile” tab).


FreeBitcoin lottery

In the “Lottery” section each user can buy tickets for participation in weakly lottery. The game takes place every Sunday. By entering CAPTHA, besides free satoshi users also receive 2 lottery tickets. Aside from free distributions you can always buy tickets for cryptocurrency. The price of one ticket is 3 satoshi.

The more tickets you have, the more chances to win. Users can use their possibilities in the summary table at the very same section.

FreeBitcoin Affiliate program

The faucet provides an affiliate program. In addition to the percentage of the referral profit, a project partner receives 1 free ticket for each CAPTCHA input of invited members.


Collect Satoshi

Published: 31 July, 2017

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