8 ways to earn passive money on cryptocurrency

More and more investors are choosing passive earnings in cryptocurrency as a tool for portfolio diversification. The main attraction of this direction is that it is enough to set up the process of the invested funds once, and the profit will flow to the wallet or the asset price will increase with the growth of the exchange rate.

Features of passive earnings on cryptocurrencies

Based on the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of earnings, the features of passive income in cryptocurrency will be the following:

  • availability of start-up capital;
  • reliability and relative safety;
  • the probability of making a significant profit in the future;
  • a variety of ways to earn passive money on cryptocurrency.

Types of passive income in cryptocurrency

Various ways of passive earnings are available to participants of the cryptocurrency market. The most relevant of them are:

1. Landing

A simple and intuitive method that works by analogy with a bank deposit. The investor invests free funds in cryptocurrency and transfers it to the exchange or other participants of the cryptocurrency market, acting in this case as a lender. At the end of the period of use of the cryptocurrency, its owner receives the borrowed amount and remuneration in the form of a percentage.

2. Mining

This is a method of passive earnings, which is the extraction of cryptocurrencies by using the computing power of the equipment and the Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm.  Now this method is losing its former popularity, as it is characterized by a high entry threshold. Currently, large corporations are engaged in mining for the most part.


3. Cryptocurrency Funds

The ideal option for beginners is to transfer cryptocurrencies to professionals who, through trading, acquiring new tokens, investing in various blockchain projects, multiply the initial capital. You can find such professionals in special cryptocurrency funds that have gained particular popularity in the United States.

4. Partner programs

Participants of partner programs (referrals, uplines) can receive remuneration by attracting new users to participate in the project. The latter is paid by cryptocurrency companies. This option is suitable for those who have a large number of subscribers in social networks, telegram channels or online projects with a target audience.

5. Steaking

The method of mining cryptocurrency. The task is to store cryptomonets on their wallets using the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, for which holders are rewarded.


6. Profitable farming

Transfer to a pool (a combination of several market participants) of part of their assets. As a result, the combined capital of several users can bring much more income than the capital of each participant individually.

7. Masternodes

The master node is a server of a decentralized network used to perform transactions. Passive income in this case is formed by the reward received for the work of the masternode. To start working, you need to decide on the cryptocurrency and the way to place the masternode on the computer. You will need to install software and a special wallet.

8. Earning on the supply of liquidity

This is earnings on liquidity pools. In turn, the liquidity pool is a special account to which users send their funds and receive a reward for it. Such pools are placed on DEX and CEX exchanges.

Published: 13 December, 2022

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