Forex Market Trading Turnover

The Interbank international Forex trading platform provides an opportunity to purchase and sell currency at freely quoted prices. The history of the market began in 1973, and since that time the turnover figures have been growing. At the moment, Forex is the leader in the total amount of transactions among other global financial markets. And although there is no exact data on the turnover of the Forex market, there are analytical agencies that collect, including statistics on the foreign exchange market, based on the data they receive, you can imagine the overall picture.

Global Forex market turnover by year

Despite the openness and accessibility of trading, it is difficult to say exactly what the Forex market turns in a day or a month. This is a decentralized platform and the requirements of mandatory reporting and registration of data on all transactions are not applied to it. Some of the transactions are “in the shadows”, so information about trading volumes can only be approximate. It is also impossible not to take into account margin trading, in which traders use the possibility of leverage, due to which they disperse the deposit.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) conducts a global analysis of the Forex currency market every few years. Based on its results, it publishes in its reports information about the levels of market turnover and its internal structure.

So, the dynamics of the global turnover of the Forex market looks like this:

Year Trading volume
1977 $5 billion
1987 $600 billion
1992 $1 trillion
1997 $1,2 trillion
2000 $1,5 trillion
2006 $2-4 trillion
2010 $4 trillion
2020 $10 trillion

The positive dynamics is obvious, but there are also minor drawdowns in moments of crises that recover quickly.

Some large brokers also broadcast real Forex volumes. But it is important to understand that this analytical information is based only on the transactions of a single participant, and not on the entire market.

If we consider the activity of trading by territorial criterion, then most of the total Forex turnover is made up of transactions of financial organizations in the UK ~ 30% and the USA ~ 20%, followed by Germany ~ 15%. The rest is divided among other countries, including Russia and other CIS countries.

Important! The share of private traders in the total turnover does not exceed 3%.

Over the years, Forex has not reduced its growth dynamics, its popularization is increasing, and the indicators of global turnover continue to grow.

Reasons for the growth of global turnover Forex

Analytical studies prove the positive impact of Forex activity on the global economy as a whole. The number of its participants is increasing. Many financial organizations are expanding their list of services, including brokerage. Even large capital holders, such as insurance companies, banking organizations, and various large funds ensure the diversification of portfolio investments through this trading platform.

The number of private investors entering the market through numerous bank brokers and dealing centers is also growing. The foreign exchange market offers highly liquid assets with which you can earn quickly.

The global turnover of the Forex market significantly exceeds the indicators of other financial trading sectors. According to some reports, it is more than twice the performance of the stock and futures markets combined.


Published: 18 October, 2021

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