Not pay MMGP 4 Antares.Trade: Middle income

Antares.Trade: Middle income
Start: 12.03.2020
Works: 500 days
Tariffs: up to 2% per day
Deposit bonus: 5%
Min/Max deposit: 100$ / 5000$

Review of Antares Trade project: a powerful middle-term project from an experienced administration

Immediately after entering the market, the online investment platform Antares Trade kindled many players’ interest, including major leaders. Despite the fact that feedbacks about Antares Trade have appeared only recently, today it is already clear that the project deserves your attention and, of course, it should be added to your diversified investment portfolio.

Such interest in the platform is caused by excellent technical side and well-thought-out marketing. According to the information available, Antares Trade was launched by the creators of the previously well-known Cashbury. By the standards of the industry, the previous “brainchild” worked with dignity for almost 3 years, so many expect good earnings from the new project.

The project has been accepting investments since the beginning of March. The project administration has global plans, and also promises to launch a ton of opportunities for its participants.


The investment company Antares Trade is a distributor of the MLM platform and, due to the specifics of its activities, offers private depositors their own platform where they can earn money together by promoting promising products and companies. The priority task of the project administration is to make modern investment instruments that were previously available only to large capital holders, financiers with significant savings and bankers accessible to ordinary online investors.

The business approach of Antares Trade is based on two main areas: the development of a progressive modern society and implementation of unique strategies, scaling and promotion.

Thanks to the roadmap, you can track the development dynamics, add new opportunities for investors and implement planned goals that are scheduled for five years in advance.

Design and technical part

The visual design of the site is performed in a unique, strict format using light colors, taking into account all the modern features. Content and materials are translated into sixteen languages. After getting familiar with the resource, it becomes clear that the administration had been seriously preparing for the project launch. The offered material is clear and informative. To get acquainted with the project you can watch a professional video presentation that can be found on the Home page.

The personal account internal interface is comfortable and intuitive. It is really easy to use. Also, there is a high probability of adding new languages in the process of company development.

The company has an official registration in the UK and Hong Kong. All supporting documents are publicly available on the project website.

The platform uses its own engine. A self-written script provides a wide range of functionality, including SSL protection.

Tariff Plans

Currently, investors are offered to work with the Binar profit Team strategy, where the following tariff plans are presented: Tariff Plans

Platform participants are offered a choice of 12 investment packages from 100 to 100,000 ANT. The percentage is volatile. Within 200-day investment period, investors can earn from 0.5% to 2% daily. The percentage of return depends on the deposit amount. Profit is accrued in the form of the Antares internal token (ANT). It is equal to 1 US dollar at the exchange rate. To replenish and withdraw profit, partner exchangers are used. The deposit body is included in accruals.

Affiliate program

The Antares Trade affiliate program allows active partners to create a real business structure with high profitability. In addition, at this stage, registration in the project is possible only by invitation, and this is the maximum probability that the attracted user will join your team. The affiliate program has five areas:

  1. Linear Reward. The profitability is up to 8.5% in the first line, up to 4% in the second line and up to 3% in the third line. Affiliate program

  1. Mentor Re Its size depends on the partner’s level. Depending on personal achievements, you can get from $50 to $60,000. To achieve new levels, a partner needs to increase his / her deposit size, attract new partners to increase the volume of the first line, main structure, auxiliary and side branches.

  1. Binary Re Maximum profit is 12%. The amount of interest depends on partner’s deposit size.

  1. Image Re Its size also depends on the partner’s status and the company’s total profit. The reward is payed once a month. A certain amount is divided into five parts, in turn, each of them is divided between a group members. The higher the status, the fewer number of representatives in it, and therefore the higher the reward. reviews

  1. Binary structure (office bonus). The amount of accruals is 1.8% of the total volume of the structure. The opportunity to receive a bonus is available after the investor places a partner in his / her structure.

The section with promotional materials offers a great number of high-quality advertising banners. You can add a user to your team via e-mail. Just send an invitation email with a personal link, indicating the address of the potential partner in the “Partner Structure” tab, which is located in the “Team” section on the official website.

Antaras Trade - open deposit

The traditional invitation link for placement on personal online sites can be copied from personal data in the “Desktop” section.


As we mentioned earlier, registration in the project is available only by invitation link.

Antaras Trade

After following the link, the system will ask you to indicate your email address to receive further instructions and an activation link. The last step is to specify a login and password for logging in to the system.

After the first visit to your Personal Account, it is recommended to fill out your Personal Profile and increase the security of your account by specifying a secret question or by connecting Two-Factor authentication.

How to invest in Antares Trade and withdraw profit?

You can open a deposit by purchasing a package. But before that, it is necessary to replenish the Starting balance of your account.

The system will offer all available EPS. Having chosen one of them, you have to go to the Interchange exchanger. As mentioned earlier, payments and accruals are made in the internal currency ANT, which is planned to be actively promoted in the ecosystem. The token exchange rate is equal to the exchange rate of the American dollar.

Here you need to indicate the desired replenishment amount along with the commission of your payment system.

Depending on the EPS, the amount of commission may vary.

Now it remains only to confirm the transaction. After that, the funds will immediately be credited to the “Start account”.

Important! After visiting to the exchanger, the user is assigned a temporary individual address, the validity of which is 30 minutes. If the operation is not completed within this time, a new replenishment request must be made.


After the funds are credited to the Start balance, you can open a deposit. In the “Finance” section, you can choose any suitable tariff plan and make investments.


Now the profit will be accrued according to the selected conditions of the deposit.

Withdrawal requests are also submitted through a special exchanger.


The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. The time limit for processing a withdrawal request is 48 hours and is performed in the manual mode.


Antares Trade is a well-prepared middle-term project with working marketing, which allows you to earn good profits. Feedback from real investors who have already managed to test the Antares Trade investment project are just starting to appear on the Internet. But it is already clear that the project administration has solid plans for the future. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at Antares Trade and adding it to your investment portfolio.


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    Received Payment 31.35 USD from account U21872990 to account U7540496. Batch: 314963800. Memo: API Payment.

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    Received Payment 47.5 USD from account U22560636 to account U7540496. Batch: 326392404. Memo: API Payment.

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    Received Payment 73.15 USD from account U22560636 to account U7540496. Batch: 332772485. Memo: API Payment.

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    Received Payment 81.7 USD from account U22560636 to account U7540496. Batch: 340533334. Memo: API Payment.

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