My opinion and feedback on the Grant Epos project

Hello, esteemed readers of my blog! Not long ago, one of the most promising and long-term projects has greatly surprised us by presenting a grandiose upgrade. The Grant Epos project stopped to work in the “partisan” mode and now appeared before us in all its glory – well-thought-out technique, eye-catching design and new opportunities for investors. The platform has already given about 140% of profit and, it seems, this is only the beginning, so we should definitely take a closer look at Grant Epos.



General information about the Grant Epos project


Grant Epos began its work on August 22, 2017, that is, at the time of writing this review the site has already been running for 235 days. This is a quite long term for the HYIP industry, because most projects operate only for a few weeks or a couple of months in “quiet mode”, and they are still considered to be successful partisans. Speaking of Grant Epos, we have a different situation: the admin confidently gained his reputation, because he wasn’t just sitting and waiting for the grass to grow, the work was real – from the very beginning of the project promotion, it was added to my blog, the information about the project was posted on MMGP, and there was constant developments and stable payouts.

In the traditional sense, Grant Epos wasn’t a partisan, since it worked with quite normal technical characteristics and its design was pretty unique. However, this work was very smooth, there was no mass promotion and the project involved only a narrow circle of investors. A couple of days ago, the platform has changed beyond all recognition and now looks like a powerful and reliable project – we shouldn’t forget that the HYIP has already showed its paying capacity and desire to work, since it has already given up to 140% of profit to those investors who paid their attention to the project from the very beginning. We should pay tribute to the project administrator, Grant Epos is well-thought-out and is at a sufficiently high level. We can see that the organizers spent a nice bit of money on the development of the project and took into account many technical issues. Grant Epos has everything necessary for profitable and successful work, for this reason it can become very popular among other well-known projects this spring.

Tariff plans


Instead of the four previous ones, today the project has three new tariff plans with an interest rate from 0.8% to 1.2% per day. At the same time, the deposit periods have also been changed. In general, all the tariffs can be considered working and there are no any sky-high deposit amounts for these tariff plans, however, in my opinion, the tariff plan with the minimum profit is likely to be the most affordable for investors.


  • Interest rate: 0,8% per day
  • Deposit period: 30 days
  • Deposit amount: from $10 to $999
  • Profits accruing: after the end of the deposit period
  • Net profit for the entire period: 24%


  • Interest rate: 1% per day
  • Deposit period: 50 days
  • Deposit amount: from $1000 to $2999
  • Profits accruing: after the end of the deposit period
  • Net profit for the entire period: 50%


  • Interest rate: 1,2% per day
  • Deposit period: 70 days
  • Deposit amount: from $3000 to $6000
  • Profits accruing: after the end of the deposit period
  • Net profit for the entire period: 84%

As you can see, the project marketing is designed for stable and long-term work. Due to the fact that the daily payments don’t include a deposit, the project team managed to reduce the project load, but at the same time we still have a good final profitability.

Moreover, the project has an additional income-earning opportunity called the “Reinvest Plus” loyalty program. Under its terms, all subsequent deposits made by investors within 5 days after the end of the previous deposit period will receive additional 0.2% of daily profit. In a word, those investors who will play fairly and permanently will be able to get a decent profit.

Some specifics of marketing:

  • Investments are accepted in dollars and cryptocurrency through the following EPS: NixMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Coinpayments, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, including Visa / MasterCard.
  • In the project, the cryptocurrency is converted at the current exchange rate and deposits work in dollars.
  • Thanks to the reverse conversion, which is performed during the withdrawal of funds, we receive our profit in a cryptocurrency.
  • The project has limitations: one participant can make no more than 3 active deposits per tariff plan.
  • The withdrawal of funds is carried out in manual mode. Processing of a withdrawal request may take from 5 minutes to 48 hours
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $1.
  • You can withdraw your profit only to the wallet that was used for replenishment (if the deposit is in dollars, then you can’t withdraw bitcoins).
  • It’s possible to reinvest from the balance.

Affiliate program

The Grant Epos affiliate program has extensive opportunities for earning. Firstly, there are five levels of accruals; secondly, there are seven affiliate statuses, and each of them has its own advantages. Along with this, the project assumes active and passive accruals, that is, we will receive profit both from the made deposit and from the received profit.


Even so, this is not the final list. The four highest affiliate ranks will receive a daily salary of from $1.66 to $10 per day. Therefore, active partners will be able to receive excellent passive income, and you don’t need to have a personal deposit in the project.

Profit in the project grant epos

My opinion and feedback on the Grant Epos project


Grant Epos is a time-tested project that has already shown its working mood and ability to pay. The administration smoothly performed its work and moderately promoted the project, steadily paying profits and presenting incremental updates to its investors. Now, the project has left the “quiet mode” and provided not only the improved parameters of the website, but also new and more attractive terms of cooperation. It is clear that the admin has a great desire to work – for these 235 days he has already given a superprofit, whereas the number of advertising resources on which the site was represented can be counted on one hand.

The new marketing alongside with the affiliate program have become even more interesting. Now we have the opportunity to earn from 0.8% to 1.2% per day, and the deposit periods have been reduced significantly. Thanks to the “Reinvest Plus” program, investors can obtain additional profit, whereas the affiliate program will allow you to make profit not only from the partners’ deposits, but also from their daily income. The updated Grant Epos looks confident and stands a good chance to become the loudest and most popular project of this spring. On that note, I wish you all good luck and successful investments!


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Published: 5 May, 2018

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    Очередные выплаты из проекта Grant Epos!

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