MoonBitcoin is a popular free faucet that has its own unique features as compared to other income-generating projects of this type.

MoonBitcoin: how to start earn?

On the faucet homepage users can see a sign in box.


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Users have two options for authorization depending on what data he or she wishes to specify:

  1.  Xapo system e-mail address. In this case all free Satoshi will be immediately transferred to the account in this system.
  2.  Bitcoin address. In this instance the withdrawal of collected funds will be transferred to the specified address once a week (on the weekends) after reaching 25 000 Satoshi.

After personal data entry the system asks to solve a CAPTCHA. If the answer is right, user will see the report on the number of collected bitcoins.

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Another feature of this faucet is that the users choose themselves the amount of Satoshi they want to collect. The project offers to get small amounts of Satoshi for free clamming it every 5 minutes. Another option is to visit the project once a day and get a large sum of bitcoins that accumulated during the whole day.

MoonBitcoin additional opportunities

The administration of the project has provided for its users several bonuses which can easily help to increase the profit.

A daily bonus is provided for permanent faucet members. If you visit the project and collect free Satoshi at least once a day (without missing days) the faucet will increase obtained income by 1%. 1% + 1 day. Thus, partaking free distributions every day it’s possible to increase your daily income twice.

The affiliate program provides 50% of referral bonus. Income from daily referrals’ bonuses also takes into account.

Besides the referral link in the section for participants of referral system there are also provided tools for friend informing on the project on social networks (Facebook and Twitter buttons). There are also banners with an embedded affiliate link.

In addition to participation in the distributions, on the faucet’s website it’s also provided opportunity for earning additional Bitcoin. To find the right task users need to go to the “Offers” section.


It’s possible to make good money at a time. The number of orders constantly updates.


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Published: 31 July, 2017

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