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Start: 08.10.2016
Works: 1635 days
Tariffs: $0.00033 per GH/s per day
Deposit bonus: 10%
Min/Max deposit: 20$ / 10 000$
Refback: 100%
General insurance: 0
Payment systems: Bitcoin
Security: SSL / DDoS
Our deposit: 0$
Income: 97$
Withdraw: At any time
Type of payment: Manually
Domain: 1 year
Site: 7 from 10
Promo: 7 from 10
Our rating:

With each passing day cloud mining becomes more popular with users as a mean of cryptocurrency mining. Nowadays you don’t need to buy any special hardware if you want to start mining Bitcoin. The only thing you need to do is just to pay the desired capacity and start mining cryptocurrency. It’s like an investment which in the ration of speed/productivity is much profitable than traditional mining (except mining farms).

By numerous users’ feedback we can conclude that it’s not so simple to find a reliable service as it might seem. There are many projects on the Internet that positioning themselves as cloud mining services but in fact they’re pyramid schemes. But still there are some reliable projects, for example Hashing24. Since 2016 it gives an opportunity to mine the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Those users who have already tried project’s opportunities think that this resource is highly profitable.

About Hashing24

This service is designed for individuals who want to invest their funds in the mining of popular cryptocurrency. Thanks to a simple and comfortable user interface even beginners can easily understand how to buy capacities and start mining bitcoin using their computer or mobile prone.

The company which is the developer of the Hashing24 service has been actively working on the cryptocurrency market since 2012 and has it’s own representative offices in Thailand, the UK and Ukraine.

The service cooperates with several large mining companies. But still, the main capacity supplier is a world leader in producing computer equipment and bitcoin mining hardware – the “Bitfury Group” company. This cooperation speaks about seriousness and reliability of the Hashing24 service as far as the Blockchain company values its reputation and it’s hardly to imagine that such company is going to have deal with doubtful projects.

Where to start?

Before getting to capacity purchasing, those users who want to participate in bitcoin mining need to register in the system. It should be noted that the resource is fully translated into Russian language, thus, users shouldn’t encounter any problems.

After activating the “Register” button users need to fill in a simple form: specify their email address and password for access to the Hashing24 personal account. To continue the registration users need to accept the system rules:

Register hashing24

Later you will receive a message containing a link to confirm the actions. обзор

After the account activation users receive access to their personal account. The system offers to create a PIN-code to increase the level of security of the account and the funds on the internal balance.

Users can also use their Facebook or Google+ account to log in the personal account.

Now, when organizational arrangements are finished we can get to bitcoin mining. To this end users need to buy a contract. Switching to the “New contract” tab users will be presented with the package configuration:

pawer Hashing24

Here you need to choose the capacity you wish to purchase for bitcoin mining. The more it is, the higher cryptocoins daily profit you earn. You can pay for your capacity (GH/S) through any convenient payment method for you.

buy Hashing24

For those miners who are just starting to understand what is what in the passive income sphere, the developers of the Hashing24 service provided a possibility of issuing a demo account. To this end, go to the “New contract” tab and then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Using that capacity which you presumably planing to use in the future allows you to check the earning process and the cloud mining project profitability.

Is it profitable to invest in cryptocurrency mining?

It’s no secrete that profitability from investment in cryptocurrency mining is much beneficial than, for example to make a deposit at any bank, even on the maximum favorable terms. Moreover, the price of cryptocurrency is increasing each year. Therefore Bitcoin mining is the perspective type of passive income.

As for Hashing24 service, today it provides about 60% per annum whereas the same rate in the bank equals to 10%. The project provides a convenient calculator which can help you to calculate

your possible daily, weekly and monthly profit.

The withdrawal of the earned profit from the service internal balance is performed instantly. To request withdrawal you need to have at least 0.001 BTC on your account.

Advantages of working with Hashing24

Hashing24 cloud mining service provides to its participants:

  1. An understandable info-panel. A simple interface and adaptability of the resource for Russian-speaking users, which allowing beginning cryptocurrency miners to easily understand what is what;
  2. Quick start in Bitcoin mining. The registration process and solemnity of contract will take you about 10 minutes;
  3. Access to innovative technologies. Thanks to cooperation with the large mining companies, including “Bitfury”, Hashing24 participants have the opportunity to receive a stable result;
  4. Unlimited life of contract. Registered users themselves decide when to start and stop the cryptocurrency mining process. The service doesn’t have any strict contract validity period restrictions;
  5. Good profitability of investments. Low cost of maintenance and electricity makes the cloud mining profitable;
  6. Possibility of additional earning. Hashing24 provides a referral program for active participants with 10% partner reward.

Does the project have any flaws

The initial investment of 20$ may seam a too high price for beginners who are just starting their path in cloud mining whereas there are projects where it’s enough to have only 5$ to enter.

Like in many other similar projects you can learn only approximate profit in advance. The final income will be known only after the completion of the payment process on the website. In addition, to save on commission fees, it’s better to request withdrawal of big amounts at once.


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